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What is a Theist?

A person that believes God exists.


What is an Atheist?

A person that doesn't believe that God exists.


What is an Agnostic?

A person that believes that there is no definite evidence either way. God may or may not exist.


What is the Ontological Argument?
- Points
- Author
- Flaws

- There are degrees of goodness. Must be a source of goodness. We can imagine the best thing so it must be beyond our imagination. Thus it has to exist and is God.
- Anselm
- Means nothing for atheists.


What is the Cosmological Argument?
- Points
- Author
- Flaws

- Something can't come from nothing. Universe must have an eternal uncaused first cause (God)
- Thomas Aquinas
- If God can be uncaused, so can the Universe.
- First cause argument


What is the Teleological Argument?
- Points
- Author
- Flaws

World is complicated + intricate, must have designer. (watch)
- William Paley
- Who designed God? Is the designer even good?
Natural disasters, disease + death.
- The argument from design


3 facts about Anselm?

He was a Benedictine monk.
He created the Ontological Argument
He was a Theist.


What is the Argument from religious experience?
- Points
- Flaws

- If someone experiences something, then it must exist.
- People experience God, therefore God exists
- May be hallucinating, lying, dreaming etc.
- If he visited some, he would visit all.


What happened on the 7 days of Christian creation?

Sea & land
Sun & moon
Sea creatures & birds
Animals & humans
Day of rest


What does the Christian creation story mean for human beings?

We take ownership/responsibility for the earth. (Stewardship)
We're more important than other plants/animals & have a relationship with God.


Who is the main Hindu God?
Who are the 3 main sub gods?
What are they known as?
What do they control together?

Brahma (creator) Vishnu (preserver) & Shiva (Destroyer)
The Trimurti
Cycle of reincarnation


What does the Hindu creation story mean for humans?

Human beings are equally as important as other animals or plants.
Everything is part of Brahman and will return to him.


What does the argument of William Smith entail?

The 6 days of Genesis may have been 6 geological periods.
World is older than 10,000 years.


What does the argument of Charles Lyell entail?

Creation is a gradual process (erosion & sedimentation)
Happened over billions of years.


Describe the theory of evolution?
Who created it?

1 species developed from another by natural selection. Pass down advantages for survival to next generation. Some develop quicker than others & some don't adapt and become extinct. Random chance.
Charles Darwin


2 things that the theory of evolution challenges from the story of creation?

Theory says humans evolved, Genesis says created in God's image
Theory says created over millions of years, Genesis says in 6 days


How do people argue against theory of evolution and 100% believe Genesis?

Garden of Eden trees may have had rings & God placed fossils to test our faith.
World is <10,000 years old


How do people combine the theory of evolution with the story of creation?

Not necessarily a 24 hour period.
God controls how the world continues to change.
Created with ability to adapt and change.


Explain the Big Bang Theory?

All material in Universe originally compacted.
Began with 'hot big bang' all material expanded and cooled into stars and planets. Mini explosions created galaxies. World will end with cold Big Crunch. Universe is 10-12 billion years old.


What is a miracle?

An extraordinary + welcome event that can't be explained by science and is attributed to God.


Describe the cycle of reincarnation?

Birth, death and re-incarnation.
The soul (atman) is born into another living being (reincarnation) and cycle begins again.
Soul may be reborn into any other living being - human, animal or plant.