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Name three of the Plain Indian Nations

1- The Sioux
2- The Comanche
3- The Pawnees


Name two of the ways in which the nations differed?

1- Different languages
2- different traditions


Describe three features of the Nomadic lifestyle?

1. Tipis: Tent like homes for travelling
2. Travois: - A framework harnessed to a dog/horse to carry family belongings whilst travelling
3. Horses to travel across the Great Plains in search for food


State two main uses of the buffalo for the Plain Indians?

1. Bladder - food bags
2. Hooves - Glue/tools


Why did a nation operate in bands?

It was safer and more convenient for groups to travel in smaller groups


How were the chiefs of bands chosen and why?

- for their leadership skills,wisdom, spiritual powers
- for their skills as warriors and hunters as the band chief had to guide the band in finding food and protecting them from danger


Describe a limit to a chiefs power?

- In tribes like the Lakota Sioux, chiefs had no power to command their people.
-Some Bands made their own decisions.
- Some bands might follow one chief and others could follow a different leader


Describe the Plains Indians belief about land

- land was sacred
- farming and mining was seen as disrespectful


Describe the Plains Indians belief on nature

- everything in nature had a spirit
- Spirits could be contacted through 'vision quests' with spirit animals and through special ritual dances
- humans should work with the spirits


Describe the Plains Indians belief on War

- Wanted to minimise losses of young soldiers as they were valuable
- Main aim in fighting was to hit/touch an enemy without killing them (counting coup)


Describe the Plains Indians attitude to property?

- raids would take place over food, horses, weapons et.c
- Go in, go out basis
- Only selected brotherhood would go on raids to reduce tribe losses