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How did people cross the plains, to get to the west, in the 1840's?

Joining a wagon train


What were 3 main problems faced by migrants travelling west?

1- diseases
2- severe weather
3- food and water shortages


How did the Indians response to the migrants change over time?

At first, the indians traded with the migrants but as the number of migrants increased, they started being more hostile towards them


How did the US government react to the Indians later responses?

1. By sending troops to protect the settlers
2. By building forts along the trails


The Donner party became trapped in the .......... in winter due to ......../ In order to not starve, many resorted to ......./ ......... ......... were sent out to find them/ it took ....... for them to be rescued and by then, ...... had perished

1. Sierra Nevada
2. Snowstorms
3. Cannibalism
4. Rescue parties
5. 6 months
6. half


What two things did the experience of the Donner party show about the difficulties of migrating west?

1. The journeys would be very long due to Americas vastness
2. The harsh nature of the terrain, which made journeys hazardous


Give three reasons why the Mormons migrated west?

1. They wanted to find a place where they could practise their beliefs in peace
2. They had been forced out of the east due to economic collapse of the Mormon banks
3. They wanted to get involved with politics and have their own army and police force


What three problems did the Mormon migrants face in their winter quarters at the Missouri river?

1. Plague struck the migrants and claimed many lives
2. Food shortages
3. Bad weather


How many people moved to California in 1848 after Gold was discovered there?



What were two negative consequences of the Gold rush on life for settlers?

Many people moved in a short span of time so:
- Living conditions were poor so diseases spread
- Racism towards non-white ethnicities in California increased


How did the Gold Rush help to develop the west?

1. More industries were set up as people decided to settle in the West
2. Railroads were constructed to ease transport


Describe the problem of communication with the west?

The west was very far from the east so communication between the east and west could take a long time


Why did the settlers take up farming?

Farming was needed to feed the settlers and miners


What were two problems faced by farmers in the west?

1. The soil was hard and difficult to work with (especially with no specialist equipment as they were expensive)
2. There were droughts due to little rainfall, which led to fires spreading quickly