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Name two reasons as to why the Cattle Industry boomed between 1860 and 1880?

- There was an increase of cattle as many escaped onto the plains during the civil war
- There was high demand for cattle in the east, on reservations and from the US army


What were two consequences of the rise in the number of ranches?

1. There was overcrowding, which meant there was an increased competition for land. This sometimes led to conflict between ranchers
2. It became harder for smaller ranchers to stay in business


As the industry went into decline, what happened to smaller ranchers and why?

Many smaller ranchers went out of business as they had less experience in the industry


Describe the impact of the winter of 1886-7

The many blizzards and low temperatures resulted in thousands of cows perishing in the cold


What happened to cattle ranching as a result of the cold winter and decreasing numbers of ranchers?

The cattle boom came to an end as there was a decline in the number of ranches on the Great Plains


What were the Jim Crow laws and where were they enforced?

The Jim Crow laws enforced racial segregation for black people in the southern states of the US


What was the exoduster movement?

A large-scale migration of black people from the Southern states, to Kansas in 1879


Why did black people want to move from the more southern states? (include 1 reason about their point of origin and 1 reason about their destination)

- To escape the racial persecution of the South

- It was possible to homestead in Kansas


What had the land that would become Oklahoma been before the Land Rush of 1893?

Oklahoma had been Indian territory


What happened in the Oklahoma Land rush of 1893?

100,000 people raced to claim land in Oklahoma and the first to a particular point of land was able to claim it for himself


Name two factors wthat resulted in many people being involved in the Land Rush?

1. There was a lot of land available, around 2 million acres
2. The USA was in a serious economic depression


What was the impact of the land rush?

It transformed the Land of Oklahoma very quickly as thousands of people had started to develop the land at once


What were two solutions to the problems faced by homesteaders?

1. Barbed wire helped to mark out the homesteaders land
2. The industrial Revolution resulted in new farming equipment for low prices and it resulted in the invention of trains, which improved transportation