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Topic 1- The early settlement of the west
Name three of the plain indian na...,
Name two of the ways in which the...,
Describe three features of the no...
11  cards
Topic 2 - US government policy
What was the permanent indian fro...,
Where was the permanent indian fr...,
What is meant by manifest destiny
15  cards
Topic 3 - Migration and Early Settlement
How did people cross the plains t...,
What were 3 main problems faced b...,
How did the indians response to t...
14  cards
Topic 4 - Conflict and tension
Name three causes of tension betw...,
Explain how action by the us gove...,
What actions did the plains india...
12  cards
Topic 5 - Development of settlement in the West
What were the two sides in the am...,
What were two reasons for the civ...,
How did the civil war affect sout...
16  cards
Topic 6 - Development and law
What did the timber culture act o...,
What did the desert act of 1877 a...,
Give a pro and a con of the deser...
14  cards
Topic 7 - Ranching and the Cattle industry
How did the cattle trade begin 18...,
What encouraged people to try and...,
Give 3 difficulties that were inh...
14  cards
Topic 8 - Changes in the way of life to the Plains Indians?
What was the opinion of many whit...,
How did railroads affect the live...,
How did the cattle industry affec...
13  cards
Topic 9 - Conflict with the Plains Indians
Name three of the causes of the l...,
Identify the 6 events of the litt...,
What was one consequence of the l...
13  cards
Topic 10 - Changes in farming, the cattle industry and settlement
Name two reasons as to why the ca...,
What were two consequences of the...,
As the industry went into decline...
13  cards
Topic 11 - Conflict and tension
What limited the effectiveness of...,
What limited the effectiveness of...,
Describe two forms of law enforce...
12  cards
Topic 12 - Conflict with the Plains Indians and the destruction of their way of life
Give three reasons as to why as t...,
Why did the buffalo start to decl...,
Why did the us government support...
15  cards

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