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Name three of the causes of the Little Crow's war?

1. The forcing of Indians onto reservations
2. The delayed distribution of food to the Indians
3. The reductions of Indians' reservations when more land was given to settlers


Identify the 6 events of the Little Crows war (in order)

1. Government gave the Indians' money to white traders
2. Dakota Sioux attacked the reservation agency, killing, capturing and burning white settlers
3. US soldiers were sent to deal with the Sioux but were ambushed and defeated
4. A large US party defeated them at wood lake
5. Many Indians were forced to surrender and were held prisoner
6. Some sioux were executed but most of them were pardoned and fled west


What was one consequence of the Little Crow's war?

The Dakota were forced onto even smaller reservations and lost a lot of their freedom


Why did Black Kettle lead the Cheyenne out of their reservation at Sand Creek?

Because the land was bad for farming and there was little to hunt in the local area


How did the Cheyenne retaliate against white settlers?

- They stole food from wagon trains
- They attacked travellers, mining camps and railways (which resulted in some deaths)


What was the Sand Creek Massacre?

A massacre, in response to the Cheyenne attacks, in which the US army murdered many Indians' from Black Kettles camp


What were the two results of the Sand Creek massacre?

1. Cheyenne warriors were angered and attacked white settlements and wagon trains
2. Many Indian tribes allied together to fight to Americans


What factor helped the US army defeat the Indians after 1865 and why?

The civil war ended in 1865 so more soldiers were available to fight the Indians


What 2 events occurred that let to Red Clouds war?

1. Red Clouds Sioux were struggling on the reservation granted to them in the 1851 Fort Laramie treaty
2. Some sioux were executed after Little Crow's war


1. Sioux attack travellers on the trail through their land
2. US gov start talks with Red Cloud and also ...............
3. Red Cloud breaks off talks due to fort building being against the Laramie Treaty
4. Sioux attack travellers as well as .................
5. The US government ........................
(fill in the missing blanks)

1. ..... start to build forts along the trail through Indian Land
2. Workers and soldiers building the forts
3. withdraws from the area and abandons the forts


What was significant about Red Cloud's war?

It was the Indians' first victory


Why was the second Fort Laramie treaty made (1868)?

To end Red Cloud's war


What were the terms of the second Fort Laramie treaty?

- The fighting was to end
- The Sioux were granted a large reservation
- No white people were allowed in the area and the trail through their land was to be abandoned