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Define Term: Passive movement across plasma membrane

Passive processes do not require the use of energy (ATP)


Define Term: active transport across cell membrane

Active processes use the energy contained in ATP.


Define Term: solvent

Dissolving medium. I.e. Water


Define Term: Solute

Solutes are the substances dissolved in the solvent


Define Term: Solution

A solution consists of solutes dissolved in a solvent.


Define Term: Concentration Gradient

A concentration gradient is said to exist if the concentration of a particular solute is higher on one side of the plasma membrane and lower on the other side of the plasma membrane.


Define Term: Hypotonic

A hypotonic solution has a relatively low solute concentration (low in relation to x)


Define Term: Hypertonic

A hypertonic solution has a relatively high solute concentration (high compared to x)


Define Term: Isotonic

Two solutions are said to be isotonic when they have an equal concentration of solutes.


Define term: Osmosis

Osmosis is the movement of water molecules by diffusion across a semi-permeable membrane. During osmosis, water moves from a hypotonic solution to a hypertonic solution until equilibrium is reached.


Define term: crenate

Become shoveled with spiked edges. When blood cells are put in a hypertonic solution and the water leaves the cell.


Define Term: hemolysis

When a blood cell swells and may even burst after gaining a significant amount of water through osmosis via being placed into a hypotonic solution.