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What is Reactive Attachment Disorder?

A. withdrawn behavior w/ adult caregivers: 1. rarely seeks comfort 2. rarely responds to comfort

B. Social/emotional disturbance: minimal response, fearfulness in interaction w/adult caregivers, no pos affect

*evident before age 5


What is Disinhibited social engagement disorder?

behavior with unfamiliar adults: 2 or more
-no reluctance in approaching strangers
-overly familiar verbal/physical behavior
-no checking back w/adult after leaving
-willingness to go off with stranger

B. bhv not limited to impulsivity


What are similarities between Reactive attachment and disinhibited social engagement disorder?

child experienced insufficient care: 1 or more
-social neglect of emotional needs
-change in caregivers = no attachment
-reared in unusual settings

care responsible for behavior

must have developmental age of at least 9 months


What are the specifiers for Reactive attachment and disinhibited social engagement disorder?

persistent (1 year +)

severe= all Sx at high levels


What is Adjustment Disorder?

emotional/behavior Sx w/in 3 months of a stressor (no longer than 6 months)

distress out of proportion to stressor & impaired functioning

no bereavement


Most likely trigger and biggest predictor for PTSD?

rape & childhood sexual abuse


A traumatic event can be THREAT of or ACTUAL serious injury, harm or death



What is the difference between Acute Stress Disorder and PTSD?

Acute = 3 days - 1 month
PTSD = 1 month +


What are the similar symptoms of Acute Stress Disorder and PTSD? Provide examples

Intrusive (memories, flashbacks, dreams)
Negative mood (no positive emotions)
Dissociation (altered sense of reality, can't remember)
Avoidance (avoid memories, external reminders)
Arousal (anger, no sleep , startle response, hypervigilance)


What are the 4 ways you can develop PTSD?

1. direct experience
2. witness in person
3. learn it happened to close friend
4. exposure to aversive details


What are the symptom qualifications for Acute Stress Disorder VS. PTSD?

Acute = 9 Sx from any category

PTSD = 6 Sx
(1) intrusion
(2) neg. mood
(1) avoidance
(2) arousal


What are the specifiers of PTSD?

Dissociative Sx (detached from body/unreality)

Delayed Expression = 6 months post event


What forms of therapy are used in treating PTSD?

Exposure Therapy
Eye Movement Desensitization (EMDR)


PTSD is more prevalent among?



You have to have a previous pathology in order to develop PTSD?