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What are the specific responsibilites of the CAA?

  • Air safety
  • Economic Regulation
  • Airspace regulation
  • Consumer protection
  • Environmental Research and consultancy


What groups is the CAA split into?

  • Safety and Airspace Regulation Group (SARG)
  • Regulatory Policy Group (RPG)
  • Consumer Protection Group (CPG)
  • Environmental Research & Consultancy Department


What are the specific responsiblities of SARG?

  • Commerical Aviation
  • GA
  • Harmonising European standards
  • Flight Ops
  • CAA/SARG support to gov
  • Pax safety
  • Uk register of civil a/c
  • a/c maintainence
  • Structures, materials and propulsion
  • A/C airworthiness
  • A/c design and manufacturing
  • Flight crew licensing
  • Medicals
  • HF
  • ATC
  • Aerodrome licensing
  • Incident reporting
  • Research
  • International consultancy and training services


What regulation governs licensing in EASA?



What is the AAIB?

Air Accident Investigation Board

Responsible for the investigation of accidents and serious incidents within the UK.


What is the UKAB?

UK Airprox Board

Tries to learn lessons from air prox reports to prevent reoccurence therefore improving safety.


What is an airprox?

A situation in which, in the opinion of the pilot or a controller, the distance between aircraft as well as their respective positions and speeds have been such that the safety of the aircraft involved was or may have been compromised.


What is GATCO?

Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers


Where would you find the differences from EASA and ICAO in the UK?

AIP Gen 1.7


What are the key differences mentioned in the ANO?

  • VMC
  • Cruising Levels
  • VFR at night
  • SVFR
  • Rights of way on the ground


What is article 160 of the ANO?

Allows the secretary of state to make regulations (rules of the air)

A rule to allow the making of rules.


What is CAP 493?

The Manual of Air Traffic Services Part 1 (MATS 1)

Is based on the Doc 4444 and is the air traffic "bible" of the UK.

Controllers not following the details written inside could be subject to prosecution


What are the mandatory statements in Air traffic?

Shall, Is to, Are to, Must


What is an informative or descriptive word in air traffic?



What are the permissive/ optional words in air traffic?



What word is used to describe something that is strongly advised to do?



What are SI's?

Supplementary instructions

Updates to the documents that:

  • Introduce new subject or radical change
  • Issue urgent amendment
  • To remphasise existing instruction


What are the sections of MATS 1?

  1. ATS
  2. Aerodrome Services
  3. Approach services
  4. Area Services
  5. Emergency Procedures
  6. Reporting Procedures
  7. Associated Services
  8. Admin & Licensing


What is CAP 393?

The Air Navigation Order (ANO)

Established as UK law and violations of this are a criminal offence


What are the ORS?

Offical Record Series

These documents reflect the UK temporary (3 years) differences from EU regulations, which must be published and presented to EASA


What is contained in the IAIP?

Integrated AIP

contains aeronautical information essential to air navigation.


Read the AIC's


What part of the ANO allows the CAA to suspend or revoke a licence? 

ANO part 31 section 253


Apart from Suspending or revoking a licence what else can the CAA do to a licence?

Vary it by applying conditions or limitations on it.


What does the word notified mean in relation to the rules of the air?

Set out with the authority of the CAA in a document published by or under an arrangement entered into with the CAA and entitled UK NOTAM or AIP and for the time being in force.


What is a small unmanned aircraft?

An unmanned a/c, other than a balloon or a kite, weighing not more than 20kg without its fuel but including any articles or equipment installed in or attached to the a/c at the commencement of its flight.


What does Article 163 refer to?

-Captive/tethered balloons must have an auto-deflate.

-Mass release of balloons must have appropriate permissions;

      i) >1,000 CAA needs 28 days notice

      ii) 2,000-10,000 Written CAA permission

      iii) >10,000 CAA permission

-Restricts use of captive balloons or free balloons within ATZ and most CAS.


What does article 166 say about flying small unmanned aerial vehicles?

  • May only fly if safe to do so
  • Person flying must maintain direct visual contact sufficient to monitor flight path in relation to other aircraft.
  • Shall not fly a small a/c over 7kg in class A-E airspace without ATC permission;
    -In an ATZ during notified hours
    -At a height exceeding 400ft above the surface
  • Shall not fly for aerial work purposes without CAA permission


What must a flight do if a navigation or anti-collision lights fail at night?

For any light he is not to depart at night if cannot be repaired immediately. If in flight, land as soon as possible unless authorised to continue by relevant authority.


What must a flight do if an anti-collision light fails during the day?

Nothing, he may continue provided that the light is repaired at earliest opportunity.