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Name some charts that are specific to the UK

  • UK AIAA, ATA, and Military Low Flying Systems
  • UK airspace restrictions and hazards
  • LARS (lower airspace radar service)
  • TMA's
  • Military ATZ's
  • Lower and Upper ATS routes
  • Chart of airspace classifications


What can we not do with VRP's in the UK?

They are used for guidance and aircraft can normally hold over them unless outside CAS- this is because outside CAS the traffic enviornment is unknown and we can't guarantee safety.


What is the blood alcohol limit for controllers in the UK?

20mg/100ml of blood (a 1/4 of the drink drive limit)


What should a controller consider when giving blood?

That light headness may result and you may therefore not be fit for work.


What is SRATCOH?

Scheme for the Regulation of ATCO's Hours

A system designed to all controllers breaks to help combat fatigue.


What is CISM?

Critical Incident Stress Management

A system that acts ASAP to mitigate the effects of stress related symptoms following a incident, therefore maintaining the good mental health of the ATCO's