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What was Von Helmont testing with his willow tree experiment? What was the result?

He wants to see if plants grow by eating soil through their roots. The result is the tree grew eventually by eating soil


Define the law of conservation of mass

Mass cannot be created nor destroyed. It only changes form.


Describe the experiment used by Joseph priestly to discover oxygen

He placed lit candle in a sealed jar and when he did that the flame went out because there wasn't any oxygen and it couldn't breath


List the primary constituents of air

1- 78% nitrogen
2- 21% oxygen
3- 0.9% argon
4- 0.03% carbon dioxide
5- 0.02% water


What did Jan Ingenhousz discover oxygen

Plants need sunlight in order to release oxygen


Based on the work of Nicolas de Saussure, what are the two primary sources of mass for plants?

Water and carbon



Plants use light to make tissues


Potential energy-

Stored energy that exists as a result of position or chemical structure


Kinetic energy-

Energy in motion


Define each of the 3 wavelengths of energy released by the sun

A. Visible light- we are able to detect w our eyes
B. Ultraviolet- has a shorter wavelength than visible light and is able to penetrate living tissue
C. Infrared(heat)- has a longer wavelength than visible light


The primary location of photosynthesis is _______, which contain the organelle _________, each of which is filled w the green pigment _______.

Leaves; chloroplasts; chlorophyll


What organism is believed to be the origin of the chloroplast



Write the full reaction of photosynthesis

Carbon dioxide and water are used to synthesize glucose, which can be used to produce starch or cellulose. C6H1206 6H20 602


What are the light dependent reactions of photosynthesis

They can only occur when sunlight is available


Explain what happens in each photosystem of chloroplasts

Photosystem 2- A photon of light strikes and arrangement of chlorophyll and it causes the excitement of electrons and the splitting of water

Photosystem 1- where the electron is passed and is re-energized by another futon and used to generate an electron carrier called NADPH


What wavelength of light does the Clora Phil and photosystem one and to respond best to?



How is ATP generated during the light dependent reactions?

And electron transport chain and chemiosmosis, which is similar to what happens during cell respiration


Give the Greek root word meaning for photoautotroph

Photo- "light"
Troph- "nutrition"
Autos- "self"