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The minimum intensity of sensory stimulation an observer can perceive.

absolute threshold


Piaget's term for the process of modifying an existing scheme in order to include a new experience.



The drive to be successful at tasks that are attempted and to meet achievement standards.

achievement motivation


The social theory of aging that argues the elderly are motivated to remain active and engaged in meaningful activities, but that a decline in their activity may occur as the results of a loss of social roles.

activity theory


Piaget's term for the process of constructing cognitive schema that aid children's adjustment to the environment using the complimentary processes of assimilation and accomodation.



A hormone secreted by the adrenal gland which is responsible for the body's flight or fight response.



_____ has a negative long-term effect on the immune system of the body and acts as a teratogen in a pregnant woman.



________ is a fatal disease caused by the HIV virus that results in the deterioration of the body's immune system.

AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)


The major affective disorders are characterized by _______ emotional responses.

extreme and inappropriate


Mary is a bright student but she is constantly disrupting the class by trying to draw the teacher into a power struggle for control. The school psychologist might advise the teacher to do all of the following EXCEPT
A. not show Mary the anxiety she is causing
B. ignore Mary's disruptive behavior
C. verbally embarrass Mary until she is more cooperative
D. suggest she talk to Mary's parents
E. reinforce Mary when she engages in more productive behavior

verbally embarrass Mary until she is more cooperative