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What are the primary elements of a computer operating system?

Supervisor, input/output (I/O) manager, file manager, command processor, and transient utility programs.


Name two types of computer operating systems.

Multi-tasking, and real-time.


Why did Microsoft create the “Windows” application?

To place a GUI (graphics user interface) system over the top of the main operating system used in IBM PC compatibles.


What was the Macintosh operating system originally designed for?

The Macintosh® system was originally designed to be a graphical system and has become extremely popular for image scanning and editing, multimedia production, desktop publishing, as well as graphic design.


What type of information file is a word processing document?

Data file.


What is the primary directory on every disk called?

The root directory.


Why would you move a file?

Generally, you move a file when you are organizing a disk, and find that you want a file in a different
directory than you have it in, or if you want to take a file off of one disk and put it onto another.


Why does performing a quick format on a disk not really reformat the disk?

It just clears out the File Allocation Table (FAT) and the root directory so that the disk no longer has any
record of having files on it. However, the sectors still contain recoverable data.


What provides the CPU a way to talk to external devices?

To provide the CPU a way to talk to these external devices, the computer uses standard I/O ports. The
connectors let you attach cables that go to the devices.


How many peripherals can you daisy chain at one time on a SCSI port?

You can daisy chain up to eight peripherals at one time.


Name the ports that were designed to relieve “bottlenecking” of data transfer.

Universal Serial Bus (USB) and FireWire.


When printing photographic images, what printer offers the highest quality output?

Dye sublimation printers.


Which printer squirts pressurized ink through its nozzles by electrically charging its crystals?



When choosing paper stock, why should you consider if the stock has an alkaline or acid base?

Alkaline is a better paper preservative. Aging acid-based paper turns brittle and yellow.


Why are some three-dimenionsal objects better to scan on a flatbed scanner?

The lens on a flatbed scanner has a greater depth of field than other scanners.


What is the major advantage of vector images over raster images?

When raster images change size, interpolation either creates or discards pixels. This changes the image
quality. When vector-based images are scaled, no information is gained or lost – so quality is unaffected.


What is an example of data?

Inventory figures, gas meter readings, school attendance records, production figures, and medical statistics.


What does the acronym ASCII represent?

American Standard Code for Information Interchange.


Describe a LAN in simple terms.

A selected group of computers connected together.


What is the heart of a LAN system?

File server.


What do fiber optics use to transmit data?

Fiber optics are made of glass, are thinner than copper cable and use light instead of electricity to transmit the data.


How does file transfer protocols (FTP) work?

FTPs break files into smaller sections called packets, and make sure that each packet arrives at the other computer with its data intact.


What are the minimum functions of an access point in a typical Wireless LAN configuration?

At a minimum, the access point receives, buffers, and transmits data between the Wireless LAN and a wired network infrastructure.


Why is the hard disk drive probably the most critical part of your computer system?

Any other part that fails can be replaced. If the hard disk drive is lost, and there is no backup, all work done on that drive could be lost forever.


If your computer has a RAM problem, such as not starting or acting sluggish, what is the first thing you do?

Call your computer administrator


On an optimized hard drive, the files on the drive are placed in certain locations dependent on how you want to use the drive. Why does the location of the files on the drive matter?

At the innermost track of the drive, there are fewer sectors to write on than in the outermost track. Since the outer and innermost tracks both make one complete revolution in same amount of time, more information can be read from the outer track.


What is the best method to backup your files?

It is the method that works best for you.


Who should you contact if you suspect a computer virus?

Disconnect your computer from any network and contact your CSA immediately.