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Define military community relations.

Any officially planned program, series of events, or individual action by a DOD component, unit, or person
designed to achieve and maintain good community relations.


State the objectives of the community relations program.

(1) Increase public awareness and understanding of the armed forces and the mission, policies, and
programs of the Air Force.
(2) Inspire patriotism and encourage young men and women to serve in the military.
(3) Maintain a reputation as a good neighbor, as well as a respected professional organization charged
with part of the responsibility for national security.
(4) Support Air Force recruiting.


What is required for the Air Force to live with its civilian neighbors as an integral and desirable element of the community?

A continuous working partnership between the Air Force and all civilian communities.


With what group must the commander and the PAO establish personal contact? Why?

Local civic leaders. The understanding and cooperation of these people are important elements in
conveying Air Force insight and in executing a successful overall community relations program.


What is a key part of the overseas PA function?

To be aware of host nation customs, courtesies, and political sensitivities in overseas areas.


What level of command has delegated authority to approve the use of community relations resources?

MAJCOMs, which may, in turn, delegate approval authority to the commander who has the resources.


Which level must approve all Air Force support of community relations programs in the national capital region, except speaking engagements to non-foreign groups?

SAF/PA through OASD/PA.


Who approves MAJCOM civic leader tour programs?



Explain the process of approval for US-Canadian or US-Mexican border community events.

Local unit commanders are authorized to participate routinely in local events jointly planned and conducted by border communities of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Program approval should be based on the
significance of the event and defense interest and consultation from the US consular officials in the Mexican and Canadian communities involved.


Within the United States, on what events or programs must MAJCOMs coordinate?

Community relations programs and public events with unified and specified commands that are significantly affected.


For on-base aerial events, who is the approval authority for the flyover request?

The military unit sponsoring the aerial event.


What is the form used to request military aerial support?

DD Form 2535, Request for Military Aerial Support.


Under what conditions can SAF/PAY approve flyovers for off-base events?

a. In support of Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and National POW/MIA Recognition Day.
b. For events other than those listed above, shall be considered by SAF/PA on a case-by-case basis after determining appropriateness and benefit of Air Force participation.


Who approves static displays for events like base tours as long as the aircraft is not a new weapon system?

The host commander.


What is the restriction on flying locations for the USAF Thunderbirds?

Demonstrations by the USAF Thunderbirds are flown only over airports, large bodies of water, or unpopulated areas.


Why is responding to requests for information such an important part of the PAO’s responsibility?

Because people often develop lasting impressions of the Air Force and the professionalism of its members
based on the quality of replies they receive.


What style should you follow and what types of language should you avoid when you prepare replies to non-media requests for information?

Write in a clear, concise style; avoid Air Force jargon, technical language, and acronyms.


Where should letters be sent when the writer indicates an interest in joining the Air Force?

US Air Force Recruiting Service.


What AFI has guidance for dealing with congressional requests for information?

AFI 90-401.


How are requests from foreign nationals for unclassified information that has been approved for public release handled?

PAOs must respond directly to the requester.


If used properly, what can be one of the best recruiting tools available to Public Affairs?

Orientation flights.


Name the Air Force instruction that contains guidelines for orientation flights.

AFI 10-401.


What is an orientation flight and who are eligible passengers?

a. Continuous flights in DOD-owned aircraft performed within the local flying area and returning to the point of origin.
b. US citizens who, because of position and contacts with various publics, can make positive contributions to public understanding of Air Force roles and mission.


Define Public Affairs travel?

Any travel or transportation of individuals, groups, or material undertaken as a result of a request to, or an invitation from (and authorized by), and approving the interest of adding to the public understanding of DOD activities.


What is humanitarian airlift?

In response to civilian request, aero medical evacuation or the airlift of relief supplies to the scene of a disaster.


What is the objective of the speaker’s bureau program?

To reach dynamic sectors of the local community, region, or nation that are unfamiliar with Air Force matters (non-choir audience).


Because of their rank or expertise, who can best help the American public understand defense issues and priorities?

Senior-level speakers.


List several examples of non-choir audiences.

Chamber of Commerce general membership; non-defense business/industry groups and civic clubs; World Affairs Councils; academic student-faculty forums (excluding ROTC); city/state government officials; nondefense
professional organizations; media organizations; and religious groups.


What is a choir audience?

Veterans and retiree groups, defense-related associations, defense industry management clubs, or other
gatherings in which at least 51 percent of the attendees have a personal, professional, scientific, or business
stake in defense.


How does the Public Affairs office keep current information on speakers and organizations?

By maintaining records/files and setting up folders to support a speaker’s bureau.


Regarding a community relations program, what does participation by Air Force personnel and display of Air Force equipment help the public to understand?

The Air Force mission.


Since limitations of time and money make it impossible to grant all requests, what is a key point to remember?

That the Air Force should not do for one what it cannot do for all.


Explain the rules and exceptions to providing government facilities to groups.

Providing government facilities such as housing and messing at government expense is a prohibited type of
selective benefit or favor; however, these services may be granted if reimbursement is made by the recipient in cases of tours and visits.


When may transportation be provided for visiting groups?

In conjunction with base visits, transportation may be provided, without reimbursement, if it is required for
smooth operation of the visit and considered to be in the interest of the Air Force.


When may Air Force people appear in uniform at a community-wide, civic-sponsored event?

Only when:
(1) The approving commander believes participation is appropriate and in good taste.
(2) The individuals volunteer for the assignment and there is no interference with military duties or operations.
(3) Participation is at no additional cost to the government and the event meets the basic participation criteria.


To what does the MAJCOM civic leader tour program respond?

The public’s interest in and right to know about Air Force stewardship of national resources.


How does the CLT program increase awareness and understanding of the Air Force’s role in national security?

Inviting groups of community leaders to witness the Air Force mission by visiting Air Force installations.


a. CLTs are limited to how many days?
b. What is the process for approving tours longer than the normal tour length?

a. Two days.
b. Tours for three or more days require a waiver approved by SAF/PA. Submit requests for waivers prior
to invitations being sent out to SAF/PA and include an itinerary and letter of justification.


How must media queries regarding a specific tour be answered?

Factually and completely.


Who should be contacted for suggested tour invitees?

Local Air Force recruiters, AFROTC detachments, ANG and USAFR sources, as well as area bases.


Why are base tours and open houses significant to community relations?

Base tours are one of the most effective ways for reaching the general public around the base and tell a
portion of the Air Force story to visitors. Open houses highlight the Air Force missions, traditions, and heritage.


What should the PAO do to ensure coverage of all types of base tours, including “drop in” tours?

Have written procedures, coordinated with base security forces.


May foreign nationals from non-communist countries be given the same base tours provided US citizens without coordinating with higher headquarters?



What are base open houses designed to show?

The facilities of the base and the skills and professionalism of its people; demonstrations of the mission,
equipment, and capabilities first-hand.


How often should base open houses be held?

At least once a year, but the commanders may hold them when considered in the best interest of their community relations program.


Should the PAO be the open house project officer? What should be the PAO’s involvement?

No. To provide comprehensive guidelines for the project officer’s use in planning the open house before the first open house committee meeting.


State the goal of the AICUZ program?

To promote compatible development around military installations in high noise and accident potential zones, to promote public health and safety in areas adjacent to installations, and to maintain the operational capabilities of the installation.


Who manages the AICUZ program, and what are some of the manager’s overall responsibilities?

The base community planner; collects and revalidates data and prepares the AICUZ report or amendment for public release.


Name some of Public Affairs’ responsibilities concerning the AICUZ program.

Release the AICUZ report; work with the base community planner and environmental team to prepare for
public meetings; and act as an information conduit between the base and the community.


How should noise complaints be handled?

Directly and completely without referring callers to other bases or commands and without dismissing callers when locally assigned aircraft are not involved.


What are some agencies you may have to coordinate with about a noise complaint?

The air traffic control tower, local FAA office, airfield manager, base operations, command post, and the
flying squadron commander