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What is meant by the term or concept of long range planning? Why is it important?

Long-range planning means stepping back and taking a look at the bigger picture of the cyclical nature of communications events. This will help you more effectively plan and schedule resources for when they are needed.


List three things that are always important to a commander.

Safety, morale, and mission effectiveness.


List some resources available to help obtain the necessary information for long-range planning.

Staff meetings, archives, and civic organizations.


What is the one question that should always be asked when undertaking any project intended for publication?

“How does this align with the commander’s objectives and priorities?”


What are some limitations Public Affairs faces as it relates to resources? How does this impact our choices in choosing material for publication?

Manpower and budget. We must focus on the activities that are the most important to the commander and the ones that will have the biggest impact.


List at least two reasons a Public Affairs person would have for not publishing something.

Propriety and a change of facts.


What are some questions that should be asked as it relates to propriety?

a. Is this something that would cause individuals undue embarrassment?
b. Does this project the image of the Air Force or its members that we want to project?
c. Is this the best use of your time and effort in meeting the objectives of communicating the commander’s message?


How can a change of facts affect the publication of material?

If the facts have changed, then the story must not be published until the corrections have been made.


What limitations can a person in Public Affairs face when trying to produce quality products?

The time, money, and manpower available to produce absolutely blockbuster products may not always be available.


Explain how the concept of being “effective” relates to quality.

Simply put, does the product effectively tell the story you want?


What are the two ways being focused is important to quality? Why?

Correct focal length of the lens and staying on track with your subject matter.


What types of violations can determine whether a product would be considered poor quality for publication?

Uniform, safety, and security violations.


What should be done if you take a picture or shoot some video that shows an Air Force member not following proper safety protocols?

Imagery should always be reviewed by an expert in the subject matter as it relates to the specific task. The senior member of each shop should be able to let you know if you have imagery depicting a violation of their safety protocols.


How do emotions relate to quality?

A high quality story or image is one that resonates with the emotions of the targeted audience.


What are some questions that can be asked to determine the level of emotional impact a particular Public Affairs product has?

a. Does it make you laugh?
b. Do you feel angry or upset when you look at this product?
c. Can you empathize with the subject matter?
d. Did seeing or reading this make you want to cry?
e. Did you feel connected to the subject matter?
f. Do you want to share this image, video, or story with your friends?


Why does the Public Affairs office support the commander’s call program?

In general, most Airmen prefer face-to-face communication by their commander.


Why should Public Affairs people analyze the commander’s objectives and limitations involved
in making commander’s call locations recommendations?

As a PA professional, you are the communications expert and the commander will rely on your advice in
finding the most effective way to deliver the message.


List three types of locations that may be chosen for a commander’s call. What are the advantages of each?

Single location, multiple locations or virtual. With a single location, the commander is able to reach a larger
audience at once and still maintain the ability to target his or her message to specific groups. With multiple
locations, the commander has the ability to have more “personal” discussions with feedback. Virtual commander’s calls are least costly in terms of time and logistics; and allow shift workers to “attend” if the event is recorded.


What role does Public Affairs play in selecting topics for a commander’s call?

The commander relies on the Public Affairs office to keep a feel of the pulse of the base and to provide him
or her with issues that may need to be addressed.


Why is obtaining feedback an important part of the communication process?

You cannot be sure that the message was effectively delivered and had the desired result unless you obtain accurate and unbiased feedback. It will also let the commander know if the message was received by the
audience and had the effect intended.


What are some methods for obtaining feedback?

Monitoring social media utilized by various segments of the base populace, talking with people after the commander’s call and observing changes in behavior – these are just some of the ways to obtain feedback on the effectiveness of the commander’s call.


What are fact sheets and what is their purpose?

Air Force fact sheets are brief summaries of factual information on commands, weapon systems, aircraft, or special interest topics. The primary purpose of fact sheets is to provide Public Affairs people with factual, cleared material on various Air Force subjects.


List some ways fact sheets can be used.

As a source of basic reference material, you can use fact sheets to answer questions from the general public,
media representatives or other government agencies. Additionally, you can use fact sheets to prepare local speeches, feature stories, radio and television programs, news announcements, local news releases, and commander’s call items.


Where can the public obtain copies of fact sheets?

Fact sheets are posted at www.af.mil.


What is the goal of the Air Force biography program?

The goal of the Air Force biography program is to keep military people, civilian employees, and the public informed about the Air Force and its leaders.


For who are official biographies required?

Official biographies are required for the following individuals:
a. The Secretary of the Air Force
b. Undersecretary and assistant secretaries
c. Air Force active-duty general officers and general officer selectees
d. Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
e. Air Force attaché officers
f. f. Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command general officers who are on active duty


For whom are official biographies optional?

Air Force senior executives.


What is the website one should use to obtain official biographies?



On which individuals to unit Public Affairs maintain local biographies and photos?

Wing and group commanders, command chief master sergeants and senior officers of associated organizations on their base.


What type of information is contained on the biographies of retired general officers?

Retired officer biographies reflect information through their final assignment. Updates or revisions are not
made on biographies after an individual dies.


Why are speeches an important communication tool?

They help the Air Force deliver key messages to audiences at all levels.


What are senior leadership speeches? Why are they useful?

Senior leadership speeches are texts of speeches or statements by key Air Force or DOD leaders which are selected based on subject timeliness, importance, and application or interest Air Force-wide. They can be used in speeches written for commanders and other speakers. They help keep Public Affairs people up to date on Air Force and DOD policies. They are definitive statements of policy, and therefore can be used as research reference material.


Define Air Force Speech Series.

They are original speeches produced by the Air Force that focus on national days of recognition, as well as
special topics, such as Veterans Day, Independence Day and POW-MIA Recognition Day.


How do Public Affairs personnel use speeches from the Air Force Speech Series?

Public Affairs officers, members of the speaker’s bureaus, or senior leaders may use the speech series to expand their role in the Air Force and civilian communities.


Define action lines.

Action lines are tools commanders can use to address concerns, grievances and to pass along compliments.


Who is responsible for managing action lines?

Typically, Public Affairs manages the Action Line, but it can be whomever the commander designates.


What considerations should be made in the decision to publish an action line?

Whether or not an action line complaint and response are published requires discernment and a decision on
whether or not such material aligns with the commander’s overall communications objectives.


When could a Public Affairs practitioner find themselves in a situation where they would need to know how to design a newspaper from scratch?

In a deployed environment or when working in a joint environment.


What questions should be asked in determining the design style to use for a publication?

What is the purpose of the communication, does this product achieve those results; or would it be more effectively achieved if designed differently?


What design principle is violated when a Public Affairs practitioner spends too much time trying to develop the “perfect” design?



Explain effective communication as it relates to design.

Effective communication simply mean ensuring that whatever design is selected, that it is able to deliver results in a manner that is effective. In other words, does the design chosen help or hinder your communications objective?


What is true about “fundamental design rules”?

The only fundamental thing about these “rules” is that they change over time and as peoples’ preferences change--much like fashion.


What is desktop publishing?

Designing and producing some type of material for publication using a computer.


How has technology changed the publishing world?

It has made the production of material, such as posters, flyers, magazines, or newspapers, much easier and
faster than ever before.


What will determine what type of software you will use in desktop publishing?

What type of software you use for desktop publishing will likely depend on personal preferences, available
funding and technology, and compatibility with other systems.


What trend is likely in the emerging communications medium?

What seemed like science fiction just a few years ago is becoming a reality. It seems likely for this trend to continue.


Why is it important to embrace changing mediums for communication?

New technologies bring new capabilities.


What is the downside to adopting new technologies for communication?

The tools we have in place now have passed the test of time.


Explain the concept of “re-purposing” technologies?

Taking old or new technologies or communications methods and finding a new way to use it.


Why do we use video in training?

Video has the unique ability to engage both visual and auditory learners.


What role does video play in documentation for an accident or criminal investigation?

In the event of an accident or an investigation, video documentation can make the difference in providing
the investigators the critical piece of information they need to solve the issue on which they are working.