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What are the basic principles of the digital camera system?

Images are captured with an image sensor; then are converted from light intensities to electrical signals, then to digital form. Digital information is temporarily stored in DRAM before being written to a digital medium. After images are stored, they can be transferred to a computer for editing, transmitting, printing, or posting to a website, and so forth.


Name two differences between CCD and CMOS sensors.

Any two of the following answers are correct.
(1) CMOS sensors are more susceptible to noise than CCD sensors.
(2) Light sensitivity to a CMOS chip is lower than for a CCD sensor.
(3) CCD sensors consume as much as 100x more power than CMOS sensors.
(4) CCD sensors have more high quality pixels than CMOS sensors.


Name three different types of PC cards?

Any three of the following are correct: Network interface cards, modems, Global positioning devices or
special interface adaptors for laptop computers.


Why is the TIFF file format not a good choice for images stored on a digital camera?

They create very large files.


Why should you use the lowest ISO setting possible when shooting with a digital camera?

To eliminate the unwanted noise that comes with images shot at high ISO settings.


Why should you never format a memory cards in a Macintosh computer?

Doing so creates additional Operating System support files. These added files make it difficult to manage images in the camera and computer.


What is the recommended way to format your card?

Using your camera.


What problem is indicated when you see FEE blinking on your digital camera’s monitor?

The lens is not shut down to the smallest aperature.


How do you inspect a CCD for dust and how often should you do this?

Open the shutter using the Manual exposure mode and Bulb as the shutter speed. Inspect every few weeks.


Why should you wait until the card access light on a digital camera turns off before turning off
the power and removing the CompactFlash card?

Removing the power to the camera while the data is being written will cause images in the buffer to be lost.


What is the key to handling digital camera files?

File management.


In the image size dialog box, which box do you use to change the image size or its resolution?

Document Size.


How do you crop an image in Photoshop?

Choose the crop tool from the tool bar and drag a box onto the image. Once there is a crop box on the
image, you can fine-tune the crop area by moving the corners one at a time.


What is the purpose of the clone stamp?

To sample an area from one part of an image and copy it to another.


What burn and dodge tool would you use to saturate or desaturate an image area?

The Sponge tool.


What happens if you use a Gaussian blur set above a 5.0 level on an image?

It leaves the image unrecognizable.


Why is the unsharp mask filter the best way to sharpen an image’s focus?

It can selectively increase the contrast of an image. If the filter is used to sharpen only the edge pixels, it
makes the image appear sharper without changing every pixel.


What is a histogram and why is it an important part of image editing?

A histogram is a graphical display of how the pixels in an image are distributed. By understanding how this
chart works, you can better control the final image output.


What are the two options found in the curves command?

The Curve tool and the Pencil tool.


Give a brief description of Photoshop “layers.”

A layer is like a transparent sheet placed over a background image. By saving images into layers, you can individually move around placed objects. Without layers, once you place something into an image, it is permanent. Layers allow you to delete, move, or replace any placed object.


Generally, what is the best slide to use for a first slide?

The title slide.


Name the four buttons that control the on-screen view of the presentations Window.

Normal View, Slide Sorter View, Notes Page View, and Slide Show View.


Why should you use bullet statements in a slide presentation?

It is difficult for an audience to read long passages on a screen. Ideally, use bullet statements only a few words long to get your point across.


After creating the bulk of your slides, what is the best way to decide how to arrange them?

Use the slide sorter mode; it shows an overall view of all the slides.


What is image workstation calibration?

It is the process of adjusting your software and monitor so that what you see on your screen is what you will get when the image is printed.


What is the difference between device calibration and system calibration?

Device calibration is calibrating your monitor (hardware) and making adjustments; system calibration is
adjusting the software parameters.


Why should you ensure your monitor is calibrated?

To ensure that your monitor grays are as neutral as possible.


What is a colorimeter?

An instrument that measures and quantifies color in a way that resembles human vision. The measurements
are usually in the form of coordinates in a CIE color space.


What military official signed a memorandum giving us guidance on the alteration of official photographic imagery?

Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.


What directive outlines guidance on the alteration of official photographic imagery?

DODI 5040.02.


Under what general conditions can you alter an image?

If the enhancement does not misrepresent the subject of the original image. It is clearly and readily apparent from the context or from the content of the image or accompanying text that the enhanced image is not intended to be an accurate representation of an actual event. The image caption indicates that the image was enhanced and a brief description of the enhancement is entered in the caption.