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Who approves visits to Air Force installations by bona fide media representatives and freelance
writers and photographers?

Local Public Affairs office.


List three reasons why news media representatives should be escorted at all times when they are on an Air Force installation.

For safety, security, and to ensure media representatives get timely and the most accurate information


Which four events or requests must be coordinated through the appropriate MAJCOM and SAF/PAO prior to responding to the news media request?

(1) Invitations for media to attend tests or displays of new or modified weapons or equipment.
(2) Stories that may be controversial, damaging to the Air Force’s reputation, or of national interest.
(3) Visits or contacts by representatives of national-level news media.
(4) Media requests for declassification of presently classified material.


What must you ensure news media representatives not be allowed to come in contact with?

Classified or sensitive information.


Name the two types of restriction on release of Air Force information.

Legal and policy restrictions.


What should the media contact list contain?

Release it quickly and candidly.


When dealing with the media, how should you handle bad news?

Names, addresses, phone numbers, and duty titles or positions of all local, regional, and national media in the area.


Why must the Public Affairs office have a qualified person (duty officer) available 24 hours a day?

For significant breaking news stories, accidents, and other events that require immediate action.


How should requests for interviews be viewed?

As opportunities to carry Air Force messages clearly, concisely, and positively to the American people.


What important conditions do news media interviews allow?

They give reporters the chance to get in-depth information on the Air Force directly from primary sources; this permits rapid corrections or misconceptions.


A successful interview is directly tied to what qualities?

Preparation, ability to articulate messages, and levels of control exercised during the interview.


What is an advantage to interviewees of approving the use of a tape recorder?

To protect themselves from errors in attribution.


Explain what “on the record” means.

A remark that can be quoted verbatim and attributed directly to the identified source.


Give an example of how to word information that is “not for attribution”.

“It was learned today that…”


Explain some of the services that MOC personnel provide.

Accrediting reporters, escorting, providing security review, press kits, and providing a work area for media.


What is the first thing to consider when setting up an MOC?

Where the media center will be located.


State the three reasons for considering a news conference.

(1) A story or announcement is so important, sensitive, or complex that both the Air Force and media
benefit from face-to-face presentation;
(2) A high-level person visits or is assigned.
(3) You feel that another type of release cannot adequately convey the information.


To ensure the media’s access to the installation is smooth, with whom should the PA staff coordinate?

Security forces.


When should a news release be considered?

When an upcoming, Air Force-related event may interest the public.


Where should the news release facts be summarized?

The lead or first paragraph.


What is a good way to freshen the time element of a news release?

Lead with a fact that updates slightly stale news.


After summarizing the facts in the lead paragraph, how should the remaining details be presented?

In later paragraphs, presented in descending order of importance (inverted pyramid).


Is it a good practice to repeat facts for emphasis in a news release? Explain.

No. Simple and logical presentation gives a release its punch.


How does a broadcast media release differ from a print media release?

For a broadcast news media release, (1) leave a left margin of approximately 2 to 3 inches on the release for the news editor or director to put in desired video and audio cues or comments; (2) use all capital letter; and (3) spell out all acronyms, abbreviations, and numbers.


What is the first thing to do when you receive a media query?

Write it down.


When coordinating a query response, what form do you use?

AF Form 39, Response to Query.


If news queries are not answered by the media’s deadline, what effect could this have on the Air Force?

The story probably appears without an Air Force comment, and the Air Force then has missed an opportunity to state its position.


What should you do if something delays response to the media?

Call the reporter as soon as possible before the deadline. If possible, offer partial information or an interim reply.


What should you do if the information is not available locally?

Tell the media; identify the source and offer the media the option to work it themselves or have you continue working it.


What is a “beeper”?

A “live” response to a query that is recorded on tape and played back during the news.


What information should be contained in a response to query log?

The subject of the query, the date, the time, who queried, and who answered the query.


When properly planned and coordinated, what does media travel accomplish?

Dramatically expands a media representative’s understanding of the Air Force’s mission, equipment, and


What regulation authorizes media travel aboard DOD-owned aircraft?

DOD Regulation 4515.13, Air Transportation Eligibility.


State the difference between local and non-local media travel.

Local travel is departing from and returning to the same installation without stopping at another location; non-local travel is taking off from one location and landing at a different location within the CONUS area.


How much notice is required to gain approval and country clearance for media to travel overseas?

30 days.


Why are media travel ground rules important?

Because the ground rules are a written agreement between the media representative and the Air Force. They
advise the media representative of his or her responsibilities during travel with the Air Force.


What PA core competencies does the Hometown News Release Program achieve?

Airmen morale and readiness, public trust and support, and global influence and deterrence.


Who provides guidance and procedures for the Hometown News Release Program?



What form is used to release HTNS data on military members and civilians?

DD Form 2266.


What is the subject matter of hometown news releases?

Factual stories about accomplishments and activities of individuals.


Who is responsible for the propriety, technical content, accuracy, security review, and clearance for public release of any material sent to the HTNS?

Each organization.


What information should be kept in the hometown news release log?

Person’s name and Social Security Account Number, the date of event, the news subject, and the date the
release is sent to AFNEWS.


What is the most important aspect of the Hometown News Release Program?

Processing the hometown news release.


The suggested time limit for the submission of a release is 60 days, but who determines the ultimate decision on timeliness of a story?

The originating Public Affairs office.


What is the importance of the Public Affairs office code?

It is used to credit forms and photographs to appropriate Public Affairs offices in reports.


What events need prior coordination before filling out the hometown news release, and why?

Major exercises that involve great numbers of participants. So HTNS is aware of the massive number of forms that may be coming in and can assist you in what they need to accompany the forms.