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What is the AFI that guides Public Affairs activities for the web?

AFI 35-107, Public Web Communications.


What is the role of SAF/PA as it relates to the web?

SAF/PA is responsible for developing guidance for the integration of public websites into the Air Force
Public Web Program and to serve as chair of the Air Force Public Web Policy Board.


What is the role of AFPAA as it relates to the web?

AFPAA manages and operates the Air Force Public Web Program and the quality assurance program.


Who is responsible for managing MAJCOM, FOA, and DRU websites?

Public Affairs


How are MAJCOM responsibilities different than installation-level responsibilities as it relates to the web?

There are many similarities; but the primary difference is in span of control and amount of original content creation. MAJCOM/PA offices have a larger span of control--they are responsible for all of the websites within their MAJCOM. Installations-level PA offices have a much higher level of content creation and are responsible for their local website.


What are the web guidelines for internal-only web content?

Web content that targets the internal Air Force audience, and/or requires restricted access controls, should
be posted on the Air Force Portal website; and not the publicly accessible website.


Name the AFI which governs security and policy review.

AFI 35-102, Security and Policy Review.


List five things that can be posted on an Air Force public website.

Any of the following:
(1) Electronic Freedom of Information Act Reading Room Material.
(2) Base or Unit Fact Sheets.
(3) Links to Key Leaders.
(4) Links to Associated Weapons Systems.
(5) News Releases.
(6) News Related Photos.
(7) Standard Publications and Forms.
(8) Links to Higher Headquarters Sites.
(9) Mandatory Links.


What regulation addresses product endorsement on Air Force public websites?

DOD 5500.7-R, Joint Ethics Regulation


What must be included when adding a link to a commercial website and who is responsible for ensuring it is included?

If a link to a non-government website is considered for placement on an Air Force public site, the commander is responsible for ensuring that a proper disclaimer notice is displayed.


What is the policy with providing links to restricted websites?

Air Force public websites will not link to restricted sites which are unavailable or inaccessible to the general public.


Explain the policy regarding inclusion of point-of-contact information and feedback on websites.

A point of contact for each significant webpage is requires. Use generic or organization POC information,
not individual email addresses. Each site must also provide a means to provide feedback or to request further information.


Why are there restrictions on an Air Force website?

Because the Air Force is a part of the Department of Defense and an agency of the Federal Government, there are additional rules and restriction on what can and cannot be placed on official websites.


List six items that would be considered inappropriate or prohibited material for posting on an Air Force public website.

Any six of the following:
(1) Inappropriate Links.
(2) Operational and Personnel Security Material.
(3) Personal Information.
(4) Copyrighted Information.
(5) Commercial Trademarks and Logos.
(6) Inactive or Broken Links.
(7) “Under Construction” Notices.
(8) Information that has not been cleared for public release.


When can the appearance of an Air Force Public website deviate from the standardized format?

Only designs and templates approved by the Air Force Public Web Program management team will be used. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by AFPAA prior to public access.


How does the Air Force collect user information from its websites?

Air Force websites must comply with DOD limitations on the collection and use of user information. The use of cookies or other browser measures to gather information on public site users beyond statistical summaries is prohibited.


What is the policy regarding chat rooms and message boards of official Air Force websites?

These technologies allow users to post opinions, messages, or information openly on a website. They provide a useful means of creating two-way communication; but are prohibited as part of public website services.


Explain how the AFPIMS user role is structured.

It is pyramidal in nature. The base level has a large number of content providers. At the next level are a smaller number of content managers who are in turn managed by one or two site managers.


What is the role of a content provider and who can be classified as a content provider?

Content providers are the ones who provide content for the website; whether photos, stories, video or music. Every member of the PA office can be a content provider.


Explain the role of content manager.

The role of a content manager is similar to that of an editor. They are normally responsible for a larger group of content providers, but also have the ability to create and publish content of their own. The content manager tracks and review material created by content providers and has the capability to publish these materials.


What are the two major roles of a site manager?

Site managers are responsible for creating and maintaining the design of the website and managing user accounts.


Who performs the role of group manager? What is their level of responsibility?

The role of a group manager is normally performed by the Public Affairs representative at the MAJCOM or
equivalent level. The group manager has the same privileges and access as the site manager; but their span of control covers all subordinate units within the command. They also have some additional administrative controls.


What is the purpose of including news articles on an Air Force public website?

By publishing actual hard news stories in a timely manner, you will increase the reliability of your website as an effective communications method.


What is the key advantage to posting stories on the public website versus a traditional base newspaper?

Posting a story as soon as it happens keeps the news “fresh”. The publication cycle of a base newspaper means that a story can be a week old or more by the time it is release. Stories published to the web can happen within hours to minutes after the event.


What is the goal or purpose of posting commentaries on a base public website?

The goal of Air Force commentaries is to change people’s minds or opinions about something or to reinforce certain behaviors.


Explain the differences between a letter and a commentary.

Commentaries tend to be written by members of the internal audience for the other members of the internal audience. Letters tend to be written by external audiences as a way to express a thought or appreciations for members of the internal audience.


Why would someone want to publish feature stories?

Features can have the same effect on your target audiences as a commentary in that they can draw the reader into a story and get an emotional reaction which can inspire actions or behaviors that are aligned with the commander’s objectives.


Explain the shortcomings of posting a press release to an Air Force public website as the sole means of communicating with the media.

Because of the nature of press releases, they tend to be more urgent or have more of a breaking news feel and expectations by members of the media. If your office simply posts a press release on its website without sending it directly to the media; chances are the media will not get it in a timely manner.


Why is it a good idea to upload more photos to AFPIMS than you intend to use for your local needs?

Having additional photos that have been cleared and are ready for publication increases the opportunities for cross-publication with other bases. It also increases the likelihood that these photos will get published at the MAJCOM or higher levels; thereby increasing potential coverage.


What are the advantages and disadvantages to using video productions on your installation website?

Video combines the audio and visual to create a greater impact on your target audience; however, it takes longer to produce than other PA products.


List three other products that can be published to your base website via AFPIMS.

Biographies, fact sheets, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).


Define social media.

Social media can be thought of as a form of interactive communication which enables an individual to broadcast and receive messages in masse to a group of people.


What is the difference between live and static information.

Live information is something that is shared in real time and reaches its intended audience nearly instantaneously. Static information is something that is posted and available; but requires the audience to make an effort to retrieve it. In other words, it is a difference between “push” and “pull” information dissemination.


What is the key component to defining what constitutes social media?

Interaction. Being able to interact with other members within a group is one of the key foundations to defining what constitutes social media.


Explain the difference between public and private social networks.

Public networks are designed for use by the public in general; whereas a private network is designed for a more limited and specialized audience.


Explain the difference between active and inactive participation in social networks.

Active social networks encourage participants to create and provide new content; whereas inactive participation in a social network is more of a one-way form of communication.


What are the dangers of linking the definition of social media to a specific technology?

Technology changes too fast. What was once a popular site or method for creating a social network may no longer work or may fall out of favor with its participants. Social networking is a concept. Social media is the tools used to create a social network.


Why do website creators include elements of social networking in their websites?

Adding elements of social networking into a website helps drive sales or increase readership.


How is email used as a social media tool?

Email can be used to keep members within a group informed.


Why do people use blogs as a form of social media?

Blogs tend to be personal in nature and are started by people desiring to bring attention and focus on a specific topic.


What is the purpose of forums?

Forums tend to be created to provide a means of communication for a group that focuses on a particular subject or audience.


What are some of the challenges involved with an open chat room?

Open chat rooms can become chaotic if there are too many participants asking questions or posting comments at the same time. By the time a question is read and response is formatted and posted, dozens or other questions or comments may have already been posted; making it difficult to follow the flow of the conversation.


List some of the limitations to using video websites as a social media tool.

There can be many limitations, but bandwidth and costs are factors which prevent a greater use of video as a social media tool.


What is the difference between a personal social network and a group social network?

The tools used for each network can be the same, but the key distinction between them is that group networks tend to be formed around an organization while a personal network is formed around an individual.


What is one method that can be used to help safeguard privacy information when using a social network?

Think like a criminal. Consider what information is posted and how connections in a social network can create vulnerabilities which can be exploited by those who may have impure motives.


How long is information that gets posted to the Internet available?

Theoretically, it is permanent and always available to those with the tools necessary to retrieve it.


What role do social media have in open-source intelligence gathering?

It has created an intelligence-gathering bonanza. By cross-referencing publicly available information, members of the intelligence community can quickly, cheaply and easily piece together information about activities or operations that are otherwise classified.


What are the dangers of relying on social media as the primary form of communication with a target audience?

By relying too heavily on any particular tool or method of communication, you increase the likelihood of not effectively communicating with a specific target audience. Social media is just one tool used by Public Affairs to communicate; but not all tools work in all situations.


What causes people to refuse to adopt social media as a form of communication with targeted audiences?

Fear. This is common with new technologies or methodologies. People can be reluctant to embrace something that is new or unknown.


What is the best way to determine the communications needs and preferences of a particular target audience?

Ask. The simplest and most effective way to find out how a particular group likes to receive its information is to ask them.


What are the two limitations to implementing social media as a form of communication?

Manpower and technology. There may not be enough qualified and trained people to manage a social media program; or technological limitations may prohibit access to all available social media tools.


How should Public Affairs increase its social media programs or implement new ones? Why?

Start slow. By starting slowly and evaluating program or tool effectiveness, you will increase the chance that the new program or social media tool will be used effectively. It also increases the likelihood of acceptance by other members of the Public Affairs staff.


What step should be done after adding a new social media tool to the Public Affairs
communication program? Why?

Evaluate its effectiveness. Some social media tools will work better than othersit just depends on the needs of your target audience and the capabilities within your office.