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Index of dissimilarity (or segregation index)

- measuring of segregation between two groups
- percentage of the population of one group who would need to move to a different area to eliminate segregation
- usually measured at the census tract level
- ranges from 0-100: the higher the index the higher the level of segregatin


44% of the population in OC are Non-Hispanic Whites and 34% are Hispanics. What percentage of Non-Hispanic Whites and Hispanics would you expect to find in each census tract within OC for the county to have no segregation?

A) 50% NH-Whites, 50% Hispanics
B) 44% NH-Whites, 34% Hispanics

B) 44% NH-Whites, 34% Hispanics


Which of the following cities has the highest level of Black-White segregation?

A) Chicago: 75.9
B) Detroit: 79.6
C) New York: 79.1
D) Los Angeles, 65

B) Detroit 79.6


Segregation of Blacks-Whites

- segregation declined since 1960
- metropolitan areas with higher Black population have higher levels of segregation
- Northern and old industrial cities have the highest levels of segregation; lowest levels in the West


Explanations for continuing segregation:
Economic Reasons

Blacks cannot afford to live in neighborhoods where Whites live.
- explain only a small part
- if income differences were the only reason for segregation, St. Louis should have an index of 10.8, its index is 73
- Blacks and Whites of similar incomes are more segregated than Whites of different incomes


Explanations for continuing segregation:
Black Preferences

Blacks prefer to live in all-black neighborhoods.
- only explains a small part
- majority of Blacks prefer 50% or 75% black


Explanations for continuing segregation:
White Preferences

Whites prefer to live in all-white neighborhoods.
- studies provide significant support
- majority of Whites would not move to neighborhoods that are 30% Black and would move out if their neighborhood reached this tipping point (white flight: rapid racial turnover)
- for Whites, integration means 20% Blacks
- most Whites live in neighborhoods that are less 5% Black


Explanations for continuing segregation:
Real Estate Practices: Institutional discrimination

Racial Steering: selective showing of houses to Blacks and Whites and difference in treatment
- illegal since 1969, but still occurs
- ways to combat: 1988 Fair Housing Act Amendments, nonprofit organizations, affirmative market ordinances

Blockbusting: realtors profit from discrimination
- illegal since 1968, but still occurs
- promotes rapid racial turnover


Explanations for continuing segregation:
Discrimination in Home Finance and Insurance

Redling: denial of loans in minority areas
- illegal since 1968, but still occurs
- prevents housing integration

Current lending discrimination
- offices located most in White areas
- more information/coaching given to Whites
- White applicants more likely to be approved
- minorities receive less favorable terms

Subprime loans: made to "riskier" lenders
- higher interest rates, less favorable terms
- issued to many minority lenders
- predatory loans: higher risk of default