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When was The Winter's Tale first performed? First published?

Our earliest performance record is 1611. It was first published in the folio of 1623.


What geographical quibble do many critics have with this play?

Bohemia has no sea coast


Generically, how might we categorize the second half of the play?

Pastoral; festive, joyous, and comic.


What do the festive scenes in Bohemia represent?

New life, beauty, the awakening of spring


Who are the main characters in the play?

Leontes, Polixenes, Hermione, Paulina, Florizell, Perdita, Autolycus


Where is Leontes ruler? Who is his queen?

Leontes is King of Sicilia. He is married to Hermione.


What is the relationship between Leontes and Polixenes?

They are close childhood friends. The begin feuding because Leontes suspects Polixenes of having an affair with his wife, and plots to kill him.


Where is Polixenes ruler?

He is King of Bohemia


Who is Florizell?

Prince of Bohemia


Who is Perdita?

Perdita is secretly the daughter of Leontes and Hermione, but she was raised by a kind Shepherd and his son.


Who is Paulina?

Paulina is a Sicilian noblewomen who stands up for Hermione when Leontes accuses her of infidelity. She shows Leontes his newborn baby to try and get him to see the folly of his ways, but it doesn't work.


Who is Autolycus?

Autolycus is a notorious trickster in Bohemia and the instigator of many of the play's comic scenes.


What is the name of Hermione and Leontes' son?



What instigates Leontes' suspicion of Hermione?

She is able to convince Polixenes to stay when Leontes is not. His suspicions are not based on good evidence.


Who does Leontes enlist to poison Polixenes?



What is Camillo's moral quandary early in the play?

He has always been faithful to his king, but now Leontes has ordered him to kill a man he believes is innocent. He ultimately decides to spare Polixenes' life and warn him of the danger. He leaves for Bohemia with Polixenes.


What time of year does the first part of the play take place?



Where does the play take its title from?

Mamillus, after being asked to tell a story by his mother, says that "a sad tale's best for winter."


Who is Antigonus? What act does he perform for the king?

He is Paulina's husband and a nobleman of the court. Leontes commands him to take his newborn baby away and expose it.


What does the report from the Oracle at Delphi say?

- Hermione is chaste
- Polixenes is innocent
- Camillo is “a true subject”
- Leontes is “a jealous tyrant”


How does Leontes react to the report from Delphi?

He blasphemously says that it must be wrong, and intends continue on with his injustices. Immediately, there is news that Mamillius has died. Leontes repents, but it is too late.


What happens to Antigonus?

He is killed by a bear (his ship is also wrecked)


How much time passes between the first part of the play and the second?

Sixteen years


What event is being celebrated at the Shepherd's cottage?

A sheep-shearing festival


What is Florizell's alias?



Who attends the sheep-shearing festival in disguise?

Polixenes and Camillo


What causes Polixenes to become angry with his son?

After learning (while in disguise) that Florizell intends to marry Perdita, he asks Flo if he intends to tell his father. Florizell responds in the negative, not seeming to care what his father thinks.


What is Polixenes reaction to Florizell determining to marry Perdita?

He removes his disguise, disowns his son, and threatens to kill the Shepherd and Shepherd's son


What is Camillo's reaction to the argument between Florizell and Polixenes?

He convinces Florizell and Perdita that they should flee to Sicilia. It is partly out of selfish motives, because he dearly wants to go home.


What trick does Autolycus play on the Shepherd and the Shepherd's son near the end of the play?

He promises to take them to Polixenes, and tells them that the king is on a boat. Really, however, he plans to take them to Florizell.