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Which three Greek grape varieties have received the most recognition on the international export market and which region are they linked to?

Xinomavro from Naoussa Agiorgitiko from Nemea Assyrtiko from Santorini


Describe the climate in Greece

Hot mediterranean; summers can reach over 30C

Cooled by altitude and in the coastal areas, by the sea

Winds in islands southeast of the mainland can be strong enough to destroy vines, but also have a cooling effect

Drought can be an issue, even in the wetter areas, but particularly in the eastern areas of the country


Why is the eastern part of Greece particularly susceptible to drought?

It is in the rain-shadow of the Pindos Oros mountains, where there is little water available for irrigation


How many grape varieties are native to Greece?

Over 200


What is special about Greece's native grape varieties?

They are well adapted to survive in the arid, hot conditions found in Greece


What is the requirement regarding grape varieties, of most Greek PDO designations?

The use of native varieties


Where in Greece is Naoussa PDO?

In northern Greece, in the region of Macedonia


Describe the vineyards of Naoussa PDO

They are at altitudes of up to 400m and are noticeably cooler than surrounding areas


What are the varietal requirements for Naoussa PDO?

Must be red wines made exclusively from Xinomavro


With which more famous wine grape is Xinomavro most commonly compared?



Describe wines made from Xinomavro

High tannin

High acidity

Medium colour that fades to tawny with age

They lack fresh fruit aromas even in youth


Develop complex spice and earthy aromas with age


How are new winemakers playing with the traditional format of Xinomavro?

Some are more deeply coloured and less tannic

Some are aged in new oak


Where is Nemea?

In the north of the Peloponnese, close to the narrow strip of land that joins the peninsula to the rest of mainland Greece


What are the varietal requirements for Nemea PDO?

Must be red wines made exclusively from Agiorgitiko


Describe the vineyards of Nemea

They are spread over a wide range of altitudes from 230 to 900 metres


Where in Nemea does the best fruit come from?

The vineyards in the middle of the altitude range


Describe wines made from fruit at the bottom of the slopes in Nemea

They can be overly jammy and tend to be made into fruity wines for early consumption


Describe fruit from the higher slopes of Nemea

Tends to have a higher acidity and less fine tannins

Can add freshness to a red blend

Best suited to rosé production


Describe the best wines of Nemea

Deep ruby colour

High levels of smooth tannins

Low to moderate acidity

Sweet spice and red fruit flavours

Great affinity for new oak and age well


Where/what (roughly) is Santorini?

It is a windswept volcanic island in the Aegean Sea


What is special about vines on Santorini? Why are they like this?

They are trained very low into a basket shape and the fruit grows on the inside To protect them against the strong winds on the island


What style/colour must Santorini PDO wines be made into?

They can be red or white, dry or sweet


What style in Santorini has the highest reputation?

White wines made from Assyrtiko


Describe dry white wines from Santorini

Perfumed aromas and concentrated flavours of ripe citrus and stone fruit High acidity


How are the sweet wines of Santorini PDO known?



How are the late-harvested, Vinsanto grapes of Santorini PDO made?

Describe the resulting sweet wines

Sun-dried for up to 14 days

Wines then aged in oak for minimum of two years (many producers age their wine for far longer)

Sweetness balanced by high acidity

Older wines show oxidative character of caramel and nuts


Other than PDO, how may Greek wine producers label their wines?

Appellation d'origine de qualité supérieure


What is the Greek equivalent of PDO on the domestic market?

Prostatevomeni Onomasia Proelefsis