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Mental State Examination
List the components of a mental s...,
What is the difference between vi...,
List aspects of behaviour in a pa...
7  cards
Mood Disorders
Define anhedonia,
Define anergia,
What is euthymia
23  cards
Neurobiology of Mood
What is the function appetitive a...,
What is the function of aversive ...,
Which chemical is generally assoc...
8  cards
How do monamine oxidase inhibitor...,
List some tcas,
List some ssris
15  cards
Eating Disorders
List the 4 main criteria domains ...,
What are the main endocrine disor...,
List the main criteria for diagno...
7  cards
Capacity and Consent
Define capacity in a medical context,
List the bma guidelines for capac...,
What is the adults with incapacit...
7  cards
Anxiety Disorders
List psychological symptoms of an...,
Anxiety is a normal state true false,
List physical symptoms of anxiety...
36  cards
Trauma Response
List some risk factors for height...,
What is associated with the highe...,
What is the freeze response
10  cards
What are the neurochemical differ...,
What percentage of suicides have ...,
List risk factors for repeated dsh
6  cards
What is schizophrenia and how is ...,
What is the one pathognomonic sym...,
There is a strong genetic link to...
44  cards
Psychiatric Legislation
How does violence differ from agg...,
What are the 4 main aspects of ma...,
What are the criteria that must b...
17  cards
Personality Disorders
What is a personality disorder,
What are the 4 main aspects that ...,
How is personality disorder disti...
19  cards
Learning Disability
What is learning disability,
What is the iq cut off for learni...,
What are the iq parameters for mi...
10  cards
Addiction and Substance Misuse
List the icd 10 criteria for depe...,
Which dopaminergic pathway associ...,
What is the effect of dopamine re...
38  cards
Neurobiology of Cognition
List all the functions of the fro...,
What is a specific way to test ve...,
What is involved in the luria ste...
20  cards
Delirium and Memory Problems
What is the most common mental he...,
What are the main features of del...,
What might be seen clinically if ...
28  cards
Developmental Psychiatry
What does adhd stand for,
What is the diagnostic triad of adhd,
How would you describe a person w...
27  cards

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