animal anatomy and physiology

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Epithelial Tissues
Macroscopic vs microscopic anatomy,
Tissue types,
Epi tissue is composed of
31  cards
Connective Tissue
Connective tissue,
All connective tissue has 3 compo...,
Ground substances
40  cards
Muscles Pt. 1
Muscle has 4 common characteristics,
63  cards
The Heart pt. 1
Location of the heart,
The mediastinum is the space betw...,
Beside the heart what other thing...
49  cards
Exam 1
What is the most rostral part of ...,
The reference plane that divides ...,
Which form of passive transport r...
33  cards
Exam 2
What causes the dispersion of mel...,
Where would you be most likely to...,
In a compound follicle a primary ...
51  cards
Exam 3
The cells that secrete the matrix...,
Where bones of the skeleton come ...,
Cells responsible for remodeling ...
70  cards
Exam 4
What ion is responsible for the i...,
The heart is located between ribs,
The coccygeal vein is an appropri...
69  cards
What is the primary function of t...,
What is respiration,
What is external respiration
149  cards
What is blood,
What is whole blood,
What is peripheral blood
142  cards
Urinary pt. 1
Most obvious function of kidneys,
Kidneys maintain homeostasis by m...,
Kidneys also help regulate ______...
66  cards
Endocrine System Pt. 1
The endocrine system works with t...,
Similar in action like nervous it...,
What are hormones made by
40  cards
Endocrine System Pt. 2
Where is the hypothalamus found,
What are some of the many nervous...,
What does the hypothalamus link t...
73  cards
Endocrine System Pt. 3
What does the thyroid gland consi...,
What are the two lobes of the thy...,
What is the appearance of the thy...
63  cards
Endocrine System Pt. 4
What are gonads,
What are the female gonads called,
What are male gonads called
34  cards
Exam 1 (Spring)
The left kidney sits where relati...,
What type of epithelium lines the...,
What hormone works on the dct and...
51  cards
Exam 2 (Spring)
The largest chamber of the rumina...,
Which cell in the gastric pit sec...,
Where is bile reabsorbed to be tr...
57  cards
Exam 3 (Spring)
What are the 3 components of the ...,
A polarized neuron in its resting...,
An example of an action controlle...
61  cards
Exam 4 (Spring)
Where is testosterone produced,
Where is insulin produced,
What is the target organ gland of...
62  cards
Exam 5 (Spring)
A difficult birth is known as what,
During what stage of labor do myo...,
During what stage of labor do the...
81  cards

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animal anatomy and physiology

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