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2a. Neurons, neurotransmitters, (beginning)
Unit 2
41  cards
2b. The Brain & Limbic System
Unit 2
27  cards
2c. Structure of the Cortex and the Endocrine System
Unit 2
33  cards
2d. Scans
Unit 2
12  cards
2e. States of Consciousness & Sleep
Unit 4
75  cards
2f. Dreams
A sequence of images emotions and...,
Awakened and questioned during __...,
__ out of 10 dreams have negative...
17  cards
2g. Altering Consciousness
Combines refocusing attenetion wi...,
A state of heightened suggestibil...,
Power resides in the subject s op...
63  cards
Sensation and Perception
Unit 3
26  cards
Unit 3
48  cards
Unit 3
41  cards
Chemical and Body Senses
Unit 3
26  cards
Unit 3
59  cards
Learning and Conditioning
The process by which experience o...,
Learning that happens when an org...,
An understanding that there is a ...
25  cards
Operant and Observational Conditioning
The type of learning in which beh...,
The type of learning in which beh...,
First psychologist to formulate t...
54  cards
Memory (Unit 6)
The persistence of learning over ...,
A clear memory of a highly emotio...,
A sensation that helps another pe...
72  cards
Forgetting and Memory Construction (Unit 6)
Seven sins of memory by,
What are the three sins of forget...,
What are the three sins of distor...
43  cards
Unit 6 Free Response Terms
The little brain attached to the ...,
Occurs on a 24 25 hour cycle and ...
29  cards
Cognition and Language (Unit 7)
All the mental activities associa...,
Where does thinking occur,
Thinking abou thtinking
60  cards
Intelligence (Unit 8)
The capacity to understand the wo...,
Believed intelligence is inherite...,
Suggested eugenics
80  cards
Motivation and Hunger (Unit 9)
A psychological process that init...,
Three types of motivation,
Based on biological needs for sur...
79  cards
Sexual and Social Motivation
Involves mating and passing along...,
Inoves attachment with sexual desire,
Attachment involves the hypothala...
31  cards
Emotions and Stress (Unit 9 & 10)
To experience emotion one must 1 ...,
The emotional release,
Suggests that for every major emo...
58  cards
Genetics (Unit 11)
A long threadlike structure made ...,
__ pairs of ___ total,
Chromosome pairs 1 22
65  cards
The History of Developmental Psych (Unit 11)
Developmental theories can be bro...,
Propose development is very gradu...,
More stage like in that changes o...
8  cards
Freud's Psychosexual Stages (Unit 11)
List the psychosexual stages in o...,
What age is the oral stage,
Transition from breastfeeding to ...
28  cards
Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development & Vygotsky (Unit 11)
What are the stages of cognitive ...,
Child begins to understand that t...,
What age is the sensorimotor stage
30  cards
Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development & Carol Gilligan (Unit 11)
Inspired by piaget kohlberg explo...,
External forces dictate behavior ...,
What age is the preconventional l...
11  cards
Erik Erikson, Temperament, Identity, Attachment, and Mary Ainsworth (Unit 11)
Theory of development that contin...,
There are _________ _____ _______...,
If infant needs are met a sense o...
38  cards
The Rest of Developmental Psych and Adolescence/Adulthood (Unit 11)
Surrogate mother experiments,
Strong attachment is due to _____...,
Human newborns and infants need p...
31  cards
Unit 1 Review
Explain human thought and behavio...,
How natural selection of traits p...,
Look at observable behaviors and ...
64  cards
Unit 2 Review
Theory that claimed bumps on the ...,
Study of the links between biolog...,
Nerve cell basic building block o...
91  cards
Unit 3 Review
Process by which we detect physic...,
Process by which the brain organi...,
Analysis begins with the sense re...
102  cards
Unit 4 Review
Our awareness of ourselves and ou...,
Includes all biological processes...,
Stored information within our sel...
79  cards
Personality (Unit 12)
An individual s characteristic pa...,
No _______ experiments or _______...,
Focuses on understanding the uniq...
94  cards
Social Psychology (Unit 13)
The study of how groups and cultu...,
Looks at how social and situation...,
Research by social psychologists ...
77  cards
Unit 6 Review
Persistence of learning over time...,
Mental representation of a set of...,
The principle that infomation is ...
71  cards
Unit 7 & 8 Review
Mental activity associated with t...,
Mental grouping of similar object...,
Levels of concept
103  cards
Unit 9 & 10 Review
Need or desire that energizes and...,
Based on biological needs for sur...,
Need for information learning and...
92  cards
Unit 11 Review
Threadlike structure made of dna ...,
Complex molecule containing the g...,
Biochemical units of heredity tha...
132  cards
Clinical/Abnormal Psychology (Unit 14)
Behavior that is disturbing distr...,
A psychological disorder is marke...,
Internal conflict in the unconsci...
75  cards
Therapy (Unit 15)
Believed a therapist should be wa...,
Emotional bond between therapist ...,
The first to direct attention to ...
43  cards
AP Exam Free Response Terms
A very short term type of memory ...,
A study of how two or more variab...,
This theory employs a strategy of...
65  cards

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