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Quiz 9/4
Communication between cells is ac...,
It is absolutely essential for mu...,
Involves physical contact between...
33  cards
Cell Structures and Functions
Principal s office houses dna chr...,
Has pores protects nucleus double...,
Photocopier makes copies of dna
125  cards
Unit 2: Chemistry of Life
Anything that takes up space and ...,
He simplest form of a substance t...,
Two or more elements bonded toget...
30  cards
Unit 2: Chemistry of Life 2
Energy comes from the rapid movem...,
E represents _______,
Energy of position usually refers...
31  cards
Unit 2: Water Properties
Makes up 70 95 of the organisms b...,
Where is water mainly found,
Water is a _______ molecule has a...
21  cards
Unit 2: Water Properties Part 2
Water is called the ___________ _...,
Liquid that is doing the dissolvi...,
Substance being dissolved in the ...
28  cards
Unit 2: Carbon Properties
Branch of science dealing with th...,
About 30 of an organism s dry wei...,
About 30 of an organism s dry wei...
25  cards
Unit 2: Molecules of Life
Means large,
Means many,
Means part
92  cards
Unit 2: Metabolism and Enzymes
The sum of all the chemical react...,
This refers to the breaking down ...,
This process releases potential e...
38  cards
Photosynthesis Vocab
An organism that produces its own...,
The process by which plants algae...,
An organism that obtains organic ...
20  cards
Chapter 7: Cellular Respiration Study Guide
The complex process in which cell...,
Cellular respiration equation,
The 2 main stages of cellular res...
24  cards
Chapter 6: Photosynthesis Study Guide
An organism that must get energy ...,
An organism that uses energy from...,
The process of converting light e...
29  cards
Chapter 10 Vocab
Disease causing,
The transfer of genetic material ...,
Viruses that infect bacteria
32  cards
Chapter 10 Questions
Relate how griffith s experiments...,
Summarize how avery s experiments...,
Describe how hershey and chase s ...
15  cards
Unit 5 Study Guide
Differentiate between genotype an...,
What is the law of segregation,
What is the law of independent as...
26  cards
Unit 6 Study Guide
Order of hierarchal nature of eco...,
First level of the hierarchal str...,
Second level of the hierarchal st...
65  cards
Evolution Study Guide
Different levels of success in re...,
Who came up with the theory of na...,
First attempted organization of n...
38  cards
Unit 8: Biodiversity, Bacteria Kingdoms (8.3)
Prokaryotes bacteria are the ____...,
Examples of famous bacteria,
Are most bacteria harmful
54  cards
Unit 8: Biodiversity, Viruses (8.2)
First person to isolate a virus,
The virus wendell stanley isolated,
Viruses possess either a ______ o...
24  cards
Unit 8, Characteristics and Hierarchy of Life (8.1)
Characteristics of living things 7,
This is the basic unit of life ei...,
These are composed from cells wit...
15  cards
Unit 8: Biodiversity, Kingdom Protista (8.4)
Most of these organisms are _____...,
Feeds on other organisms includes...,
Photosynthesizers includes the pl...
25  cards
Viruses, Bacteria, and Protists Study Guide
Describe the characteristics for ...,
Describe the hierarchy of life fr...,
This is the basic unit of life ei...
75  cards
Mini test 2 study guide part 1
Describe the structure of a fungus,
What are hyphae,
Hyphae are intertwined to form a ...
54  cards
Mini test 2 study guide (part 2)
What are some adaptations for liv...,
What is a conifer,
What are the 4 phyla of gymnosper...
36  cards
Review Questions
Name 2 phyla of gymnosperms,
Describe and name the four fruit ...,
Name three adaptations gymnosperm...
38  cards
Animal Characteristic (8.7)
About 800 mya in the pre cambrian...,
They would have evolved from a gr...,
About 360 mya animals _____ begin...
42  cards
Basic Anatomy and Physiology (8.8)
The study of structure,
The study of function,
The basic unit of life
41  cards
Basic Anatomy and Physiology (8.8) (Part 2)
Maintaining a steady internal state,
This stops a process already in m...,
Enhances a process that is alread...
13  cards
Nervous Systems (8.9)
The evolution of a nervous system...,
The evolution of a _____ a mass o...,
The evolution of other sensory or...
21  cards
Sensory Mechanisms (8.10) – Part 1
This sensation is accomplished by...,
This part of the human ear is for...,
This cartilaginous structure acts...
34  cards
Sensory Mechanism (8.10) Part 2
The eyes are a collection of ____...,
Type of light detecting structure...,
Type of light detecting structure...
34  cards
Sensory Mechanism (8.10) Part 3
Aka movement this term refers to ...,
Locomotion is the second largest ...,
Locomotion is accomplished by the...
14  cards
Circulatory and Respiratory Systems (8.11) – Part 1 and Part 2
Responsible for connecting all th...,
Evolution of the circulatory syst...,
Blood bathes the organs by moving...
39  cards
Digestive Systems (8.12)
It is the source of chemical ener...,
This condition is caused by a lac...,
This condition is caused by too m...
33  cards
Excretory Systems (8.13)
This is the continuous control of...,
Regulation occurs across a ______...,
Mammals birds reptiles amphibians...
29  cards
Honors Biology Semester 2 Final
Describe the basic traits all ani...,
3 tissues triploblastic nervous s...,
Symmetrical around a radius ex st...
153  cards

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