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III A Functions of management (planning, organizing, little bit of directing)
What is the basic function of man...,
What are the functions of management,
70  cards
I E Education & communication (lots of subjective/situational Qs)
Communication points to consider,
Ineffective communication can res...,
What is the personal zone when is...
103  cards
I D Food science & nutrient composition: starches, crystals, gelatin, coffee, additives
Purpose of amylose,
Composition of starch,
Waxy starches only have ____
81  cards
I C Food science & nutrient composition: grains & baking
How is gluten made,
What properties does gluten contr...,
Does flour have gluten
75  cards
I B Food science & nutrient composition: eggs, milk, little bit of grains
Air space in an egg what happens ...,
Is the color of the shell of an e...,
Good quality of egg is indicated by
86  cards
I A Food science & nutrient composition: F&V, meat/poultry/fish
Crispness is aka,
Composition of f v,
Crispness is due to what
116  cards
IV E1 Food-borne illnesses
What are food borne infections,
What are food intoxications,
What are names of the food intoxi...
57  cards
IV F Equipment & facility planning
What is a prospectus,
What is human engineering,
Who gives the final approval for ...
104  cards
IV E Sanitation & safety
Integrated pest management,
What is the best way to store kni...,
Who inspects meat poultry eggs
73  cards
IV D Food production & systems
What is a production schedule,
Standardized recipes and a produc...,
What are standardized recipes
83  cards
IV C Principles of food production
Continuous phase,
What are dispersion systems,
Dispersed phase
86  cards
IV B Procurement, production, distribution and service
Profit center purchasing department,
Cost center
83  cards
IV A Menu
No choice menu,
What does the menu determine,
Who does a no choice menu serve b...
50  cards
III F Quality improvement
What is a cost benefit study,
Cost benefit studies vs cost effe...,
In a cost benefit analysis object...
33  cards
III E Financial management ($$$)
A budget is used for what purpose,
Operating budget
96  cards
III D Human resources (laws, unions, discipline)
What is unemployment compensation,
2 state run laws that govern empl...,
Who runs unemployment compensation
101  cards
III D Human resources: laws ONLY
What is unemployment compensation,
2 state run laws that govern empl...,
Who runs unemployment compensation
31  cards
III C Managerial characteristics, problem solving
Human skills,
Technical skills,
Conceptual skills
59  cards
III B Motivational theories, management approaches
Maslow s hierarchy of needs basic...,
Overview of maslow,
Maslow s hierarchy of needs highe...
56  cards
I H1 Vitamins & Minerals chart- properties
What foods do not aid in the abso...,
Absorption of non heme iron is ai...,
____ ___ decrease zinc absorption
73  cards
I H2 Vitamins & Minerals chart- functions
Vitamin d,
Vitamin a,
Vitamin e
27  cards
I H4 Vitamins & Minerals chart- deficiencies
Vitamin d,
Vitamin a,
Vitamin e
25  cards
I H3 Vitamins & Minerals chart- sources
Vitamin a,
Vitamin d
28  cards
I N: Metabolism of PRO & FAT
What are the branched chain amino...,
___ is needed for the transport o...,
During exercise oxidation of what...
54  cards
I M: Metabolism, glycolysis, TCA cycle; Metabolism of CHO
Food passes into stomach via the ...,
Enzyme in the oral cavity,
74  cards
I L: Lifespan, athletics, BDS
Weight gain guidelines for pregna...,
Weight gain guidelines for pregna...,
Weight gain guidelines for pregna...
101  cards
I K (no j or i): Water, electrolytes, acid-base balance
What is insensible water loss how...,
Intracellular vs intercellular,
What is sensible water loss
55  cards
I G Energy & Macronutrients (CHO, PRO, FAT)
Glycolysis vs gluconeogenesis vs ...,
The brain uses _____ exclusively ...,
Tissue stores of glucose
119  cards
I F Research
What is a hypothesis,
1st 3 steps of research in order,
What is a null hypothesis
107  cards
II D: Nutrition diagnosis & intervention
Medical diagnosis,
Nutrition diagnosis,
Relationship of the diagnosis to ...
29  cards
II C: Assessment of populations & community needs (+ programs/research surveys)
Motivational level affects,
How to teach depends on,
High educational level
116  cards
II B1: Medications side effects
Statins hmg coa reductase inhibitors,
Mineral oil cholestyramine
19  cards
II B: Medications
Megestrol acetate megase,
22  cards
II A: Assessment & screening
Steps of the ncp,
What is the nutrition care process,
What is nutrition screening
97  cards

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