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Infectious Diseases
Components type of vaccine for po...,
Components type of vaccine for pn...,
Components type of vaccine for ac...
126  cards
Pain over the tibial tubercle in ...,
Hallmark of hsp,
A hip disorder of unknown etiolog...
5  cards
What are the jones major criteria...,
What is the jones criteria,
What are the jones minor criteria
39  cards
Behavioral Disorders
This neurodevelopmental process i...,
What are the core neurodevelopmen...,
Of the motor movements which is m...
32  cards
PPS Policy Statements
What are the three types of cloni...,
Bmi between the 85th and 95th per...,
Bmi at or above the 95th percenti...
84  cards
Developmental Milestones
Pulls to sit with no head lag n n...,
Holds head steady while sitting n...,
Brings hands together in midline ...
104  cards
Fetus and the Newborn
Risk factors for elevated indirec...,
Mechanisms of heat loss in newbor...,
Deep blue masses that if large ma...
118  cards
Useful for assessing the nutritio...,
Th who definition of moderate stu...,
What is the measure of acute maln...
48  cards
Adolescent Medicine
Menarche usually appears at what ...,
Between 8 and 12 yr of age the fi...,
In boys what is the first visible...
4  cards
Hepatitis b for infants born to h...,
Hepatitis b vaccine minimum age r...,
Hepatitis b if mother s hbsag sta...
14  cards
TB Consensus
Tb caused by mdr strains that are...,
Active tb disease caused by bacte...,
What are the known virulence fact...
69  cards
To measure blood pressure one mus...,
The intensity of systolic murmurs...,
The heart is usually enlarged whe...
102  cards
What is the most dangerous conseq...,
The most common complication of a...,
Clinical control of asthma is def...
64  cards
Significant hematuria,
Define hematuria,
When does the gfr of a child appr...
85  cards
GI Disorders
2 5 yo patient with early morning...,
A highly coordinated reflex proce...,
What is the definition of acute a...
60  cards
Characterized by ipsilateral ptos...,
What is the visual acuity of term...,
Characterized by an initial resis...
83  cards
Microcytic anemia with a high rdw...,
What is the most important clinic...
2  cards
Give the antidote to the ff toxin...,
Substances poorly adsorbed by act...,
Give the antidote to the ff toxin...
63  cards
Estimated no of teeth,
Head circumference,
Estimated average height
6  cards
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