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What percent of geriatric patient...,
What is the age range for young old,
What is the age range for middle old
11  cards
General Principles of Aging
What happens to homeostasis as we...,
A major loss in function usually ...,
What are the cns symptoms of immo...
33  cards
Theories of Aging
What are the two causes of the lo...,
Is there agreement on the definit...,
What is the disposable body theory
14  cards
Psychology of aging
What percent of adults age 65 and...,
What are the factors that have be...,
True or false there are a large s...
38  cards
Altered Homeostasis
What is altered homeostasis,
What are the cardiac system chang...,
What is the most predictable chan...
25  cards
Confusion in the elderly
True or false cognitive decline i...,
What are the two types of confusion,
What is dementia
25  cards
Legal aspects of Aging
What does the patient self determ...,
What must patients have to sign a...,
What are the three things that yo...
47  cards
Biological Changes
What happens to brain neurons as ...,
What happens to glomeruli as we age,
What happens to liver weight as w...
27  cards
Falls n' Such
The frequency of pt falls are hig...,
What are the two very broad injur...,
What are intrinsic factors
16  cards
Geriatric Psychiatrics
What are the two watchwords for p...,
Sige caps,
What is the clinical guidelines o...
11  cards
Psych and pharmacology
True or false most patients with ...,
Which usually causes more sufferi...,
When a pt with dementia develops ...
47  cards
Urinary Incontinence
Is urinary incontinence a normal ...,
What are the causes of urinary in...,
What is urge incontinence
29  cards
Iatrogenesis in the elderly
What is iatrogenesis,
True or false you should be judic...,
What age and gender tolerate bloo...
10  cards
Senile purpura is what,
What is intertrigo,
What is a commom complication of ...
31  cards
Infectious Disease
What is immune senescence,
What is the cause of immune senes...,
True or false age has a greater i...
37  cards
Mistreatment of older adults
What is mistreatment,
True or false mistreatment can oc...,
True or false excessive dependenc...
10  cards
Why is treating lymphedema frustr...,
What are the causes of lymphedema 5,
What are the three objectives of ...
8  cards
Overview of Long term care
What percent of nursing home pati...,
What percent of nursing home pati...,
What percent of nursing home pati...
42  cards
Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
What are the two parts of the cga,
What is the purpose of the cga 3,
What are the three pros to the cga
61  cards
Pharmacology and Aging
What is the beers criteria,
True or false formulations change...,
What are nutraceuticals
79  cards
Successful Aging
What is the new paradigm of think...,
True or false old people can stil...,
What are the four things healthy ...
14  cards
Geriatric Rehab
True or false normal aging does n...,
By 2030 what fraction of american...,
What are the top two leading caus...
28  cards
Home Safety Assessment
What is universal design,
What are the principles of univer...,
What is the definition of home as...
13  cards
New Trends in Geriatrics
How far does bp drop with sleeping,
What percent of elderly deaths ar...,
Is screening for aaa effective
22  cards
Overview of end of life care
Why is the quality of life during...,
Deaths in the us occur most often...,
What are the three trajectories o...
33  cards
Management of selected non-pain
What are the three steps of givin...,
What are the steps in communicati...,
True or false you should deliver ...
32  cards
Management of Selected Non-pain II
When pain persists without meanin...,
When an individual feels voiceles...,
What are the four aspects of tota...
48  cards
What is xerosis,
What is onychocryptosis,
What is hyperkeratosis
75  cards
Communication with pts with serious illnesses
What are the three causes of non ...,
What are the characteristics of p...,
True or false palliative care pts...
60  cards
Palliative Med last lecture
What is the split between sudden ...,
Why are we so valuable at the end...,
What makes preparing for the last...
67  cards

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