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1 - Anatomy & Histology of the Liver
Normal liver mass,
Normal portal pressure,
Hepatocytes do they all do the sa...
73  cards
2 - Hepatic Physiology
If the liver is too big,
If the liver is too small,
Bilirubin produced by
57  cards
3 - Basic Principles of Liver Pathology
The most common cause of abnormal...,
Liver biopsy is used for,
Hepatocellular diseases
64  cards
4 - Jaundice & LFTs
Elevated alt cause,
15 of patients with chronic liver...,
New recommendations for the cut o...
46  cards
5 - Viral Hepatitis
What is hepatitis,
Key liver enzymes,
Other liver enzymes of consequenc...
61  cards
6 - Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Primary place of lipid metabolism,
What leads to fatty changes,
What are the two categories of fa...
57  cards
7 - Liver Genes and the Genetic Diseases of the LIver
Genetic predisposition to fibrosis,
Hereditary hyperbilirubinemias,
Hereditary cholestatic disorders
45  cards
8 - Immunology and the Liver
Immunology considerations,
Immune cells of the liver
47  cards
9 - Cirrhosis and Portal Hypertension
What is cirrhosis,
Common etiologies of cirrhosis,
Pathway to cirrhosis
52  cards
10 - Hepatic Encephalopathy and Acute Liver Failure
If the liver recovers,
If the liver fails acutely,
What do you see in halothane indu...
59  cards
11 - Pediatric Diseases of the Liver
Cholestasis manifestations,
Cholestasis consequences impaired...
45  cards
12 - The National Strategy on the Prevention of HBV, HCV andHCC
How many people worldwide are liv...,
Hbv and hcv cause what percentage...,
Hbv and hcv cause what percentage...
18  cards
13 - GI Embryology
Primitive gut,
Why does the gut fold,
Cardiogenic mesenchyme and septum...
57  cards
14 - GI Anatomy and Histology
57  cards
15 - Gastric Physiology, Acid Secretion, and Digestion
Exocrine cells of the pancreas,
Acinar cells
63  cards
16 - Intestinal Absorption of Solutes and Amino Acids
Lactose intolerance
36  cards
17 - Esophageal Diseases
0  cards
18 - Gastric Pathology
Anatomical regions of the stomach,
19  cards
19 - Enteric Nervous System and Motility
0  cards
21 - Peptic Ulcer Disease
0  cards
22 - Diarrheal Disease
0  cards
23 - Gallstones and Pancreatic Diease
0  cards
25 - Diseases of the Small Intestine Celiac
0  cards
26 - IBD
Ibd epi,
Crohns disease,
Ulcerative colitis
6  cards
27 - Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
0  cards
28 - Pathology of the Small Bowel
0  cards
29 - Diseases of the Colon and Rectum
Colon rectum development,
Colon rectum size,
Colon rectum regions
154  cards
30 - Clinical Manifestation of Malnutrition
Hunger and its associated malnutr...,
Protein energy malnutrition pem
69  cards

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