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GP rotation
Do we give amoxycillin for a pati...,
What criteria do we use for a chi...,
What criteria do we use for heads...
96  cards
Paediatric Behavioral and Psych Disorders
What are some clinical features o...,
What is the difference between as...,
How might we manage functional co...
9  cards
Paediatric MSK
What are your differentials for a...,
A child presents with a limp what...,
What are some key investigations ...
29  cards
General Paediatrics
What is the alternative name for ...,
What is are some differentials fo...,
Describe the signs and symptoms o...
95  cards
General Medications
What is breo eliptica,
Allopurinol hs reaction gene that...,
Name some anti cholinergic drugs
21  cards
What are four things you must con...,
How does the cocp work as a contr...,
What is the failure rate for cocp...
51  cards
General Obstetrics
Define infertility,
How frequent should couples have ...,
How does clomiphene work in infer...
43  cards
General Gynaecology
What are some causes of secondary...,
What are some causes of abnormal ...,
How to treat trichomonas vaginalis
86  cards
What vaccinations do we give at b...,
What vaccinations do we give at 2...,
What vaccinations do we give at 4...
37  cards
Image diagnosis
What is this describe it,
What are the key points about thi...,
What is this and what does it sig...
14  cards
Infectious rashes
What is petechiae,
What is purpura,
What virus causes measles
24  cards
Genetic/congenital conditions
What is the chromosomal abnormali...,
What the the two classic features...,
What is the chromosomal abnormali...
38  cards
Perinatal mental health
What are the screening tool that ...,
What types of psychotherapies may...,
What might you do organise for a ...
12  cards
Paediatric emergency medicine
When should a parent send in thei...,
What are some general practice pr...,
What consists of a full septic wo...
38  cards
Paediatric burns and trauma
What type of burn is not painful,
What is an escharatomy,
What type of burn is sunburn
23  cards
Adolescent Health
When are the peak growth age in c...,
What does heeadss stand for,
What advice might you give for an...
5  cards
Developmental Milestones
At what age do we normally expect...,
What are some key questions you s...,
What typical milestones are there...
46  cards
Paediatric surgery
Common causes of surgical abdomin...,
Most common cause of vomiting and...,
What is the typical risk factor f...
101  cards
Embryology revision
What are the 4 stages of embryolo...,
At what stage during gestation do...,
From which germ layer is the neur...
9  cards
Nutrition and developmental medicine
Define the age of infant,
What are some key respiratory cha...,
At what age can we palpate the an...
56  cards
Paediatric intensive care
What do you think when a kid come...,
What are some causes of a widened...,
What are some causes of a narrow ...
40  cards
Paediatric infections
What is a serious complication of...,
How might we treat pertussis,
How might we ix pertussis
42  cards
paediatrics tutorials
A child with a fever but no focus...,
What fluid and how much do we use...,
What are some normal maintenance ...
31  cards
Paediatric medications
What medication do you commonly s...,
What antibiotics do we prescribe ...,
What antis do we prescribe for a ...
20  cards
Paediatric oncology and haematology
What is the most common type of c...,
In what age group do we normally ...,
What is a good tumour marker of n...
10  cards
Paediatric cardiology
What is this murmur,
Why might vsd and,
44  cards
Paediatric respiratory
What are the classic clinical fea...,
What are the management prioritie...,
What are the main features of myc...
61  cards
paediatric dermatology
How might you avoid nappy rash,
What is the natural history of co...,
What are the typical causation pa...
12  cards
Perinatal medicine
What are the possible causes of j...,
A newborn has meconium ileus what...,
What are some features on examina...
33  cards
Paediatric endocrinology and metabolic disease
What are your differentials for s...,
Define precocious puberty,
What are some clinical features a...
17  cards
Seizure disorders in children
What are some causes of non epile...,
In what kind of seizure will cons...,
What do we call seizures where yo...
13  cards
Paediatric neuro conditions/exam
What is a classic sign indicating...,
Tell me some things youd look for...
2  cards
antenatal care
How might a woman with pulmonary ...,
What ix should a gp order in a wo...,
What is the most accurate way of ...
70  cards
Normal birth and intrapartum care
Define normal labour,
What is the normal dilatation dia...,
What is the difference between sp...
108  cards
postnatal care and lactation
When should we not be able to pal...,
What is lochia,
What are the characteristics of n...
48  cards
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding medications CI
What sorts of drugs are less like...,
What are some general practice po...,
A breastfeeding mother needs to t...
4  cards
maternal mortality and morbidity in pregnancy
What do we mean by indirect mater...,
What are some causes of direct ma...,
What are some common causes of in...
16  cards
Prematurity/ IUGR
Define low birthweight,
Define preterm baby,
Define extremely preterm baby
46  cards
obstetric physiology
How much does co increase by duri...,
What is the primary cv change in ...,
Why does gfr increase during preg...
51  cards
If you have failure of the pelvic...,
What is a cystocele,
What do we mean by apical descent...
35  cards
Stillbirth, miscarriage and infant mortality
What are the leading causes of st...,
What perinatal infections can cau...,
Define fetal death in utero
48  cards
Obstetric emergencies
What is the most effective step i...,
In newborn life support what are ...,
What is routine care in newborn l...
75  cards
Autoimmune conditions of pregnancy
What is a maternal isoantibody al...,
What is a maternal auto antibody ...,
What are the sites of spontaneous...
39  cards
What is ctg and what is it used for,
What are the 4 features of a ctg,
You look at a ctg and it appears ...
33  cards
O+G pathology
What is the key histological desc...,
What are some risk factors for de...,
What are the 3 broad grades of ep...
60  cards
perinatal infections
What is the difference between in...,
When do we worry about chickenpox...,
What are some complications of in...
42  cards
Hypertension in pregnancy
What is the definition and criter...,
What is the main maternal risk of...,
What must you exclude if you dete...
53  cards
Menopause, PCOS and infertility
Define perimenopause,
Describe what happens during peri...,
What fsh levels define non menopa...
73  cards
multiple pregnancy
Define monochorionic multiple pre...,
Risk factors for multiple pregnancy,
What do we mean by dizygotic twins
21  cards
Maternal obesity and gestational diabetes
What are the maternal outcomes of...,
What congenital abnormalities of ...,
Which diabetic medications should...
25  cards
the newborn
What are some signs of respirator...,
What are some causes of respirato...,
When should we expect a newborn t...
27  cards
PID and STIs
Define pelvic inflammatory disease,
What are the main causative patho...,
Define hydrosalpinx
24  cards
O+G physical examinations
What is the difference between a ...,
What are some causes for an acute...
2  cards
What is the dsm criteria for inte...,
What is the dsm criteria for lang...,
What is the dsm criteria for auti...
23  cards
Epidemiology basics
What are the properties of a good...,
What do we mean by positive predi...,
What do mean by a negative predic...
8  cards

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