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What is this? 

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Molluscum contagiosum


what are the key points about this CXR?

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flat horizontal appearing ribs

most likely from an infant


what is this and what does it signify?

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target sign on ultrasound. indicates intersussception


How do we investigate midgut volvulus in a newborn and how do we manage it?

Midgut volvulus is ix with contrast study under fluoroscepy. If you see a C sign= conservative management, but if you see a S sign, then surgery is indicated

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What is this?

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capilliary haemangioma

benign lesion at birth

also known as strawberry naevus


What is this classic sign, and what does it tell us?

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Blue dot sign. Indicates Testicular torsion of the appendage


what is this?

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purpuric rash on lower limbs/buttocks seen in HSP


what condition is this? what is it associated with?

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intra-oral lentigines peutz- jeghers syndrome

associated with GIT polyps


what is this?

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nevus of Ota in peri-orbital region with scleral involvement


what is this?

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port wine stain birthmark due to capillary malformation 


what is the abnormality on this CXR? what is it associated with?

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kartagener's syndrome--> due to primary ciliary dyskinesia


tell me what is different between A and B. This is a CXR of a child with a foriegn body in left main bronchus.

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CXR A= inspiratory view

CXR B= expiratory view

In the expiratory view, there is air trapping and hyperinflation on the left side. The right lung deflates normally. This is consistent with obstruction in the left main bronchus


what do the arrows point to?

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buckle fracture of distal radius


what are the arrows pointing to?

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double bubble sign indicative of duodenal atresia