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how might you avoid nappy rash?

frequent nappy changes
disposable nappies
nappy-free time for the baby
zinc cream
use bath oil for gentle cleansing


what is the natural history of congenital haemangioma?

may or may not be present at birth
usually proliferates for the first 9 months then stabilises and finally involutes


What are the typical causation pathogens for impetigo

Staph aureus and strep pyogenes


What are some forms of red blanching rashes

Roseola infection
Kawasaki disease
erythema infectiosum
fever and exanthem


What are some differential diagnoses for papular raised rashes

Scabies, urticaria, molluscum, warts


What is eczema herpeticum?

HSV infection in with eczema


how might we manage itchiness at night in children with eczema?

wet dressings nocte


how do we treat impetigo?

uncomplicated impetigo- wash crusts off and use topical mupirocin

spreading impetigo- flucloxacillin/cephalexin

keep away from school as it is contagious


in which age group do we see staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome?



describe the skin findings of a child with scarlet fever?

diffuse erythematous exanthem- confluent

often described to have the texture of 'sandpaper'

later associated with desquamation and exfoliation


describe the skin manifestations of toxic shock syndrome

diffuse erythematous rash associated with oedema +/- maculopapular rash

skin is extremely tender/painful

1-2 weeks post acute presentation get desquamation


describe the skin findings of a child with SSSS?

erythema on neck and face gradually spreads to become a diffuse erythematous rash which is painful/tender.

generally found in flexure distribution i.e. axilla, neck, groin, elbows

the rash becomes fluid bullae and begins to desquamate/exfoliate leaving a 'scalded' skin appearance

usually flexures desquamate first