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Evidence Based Assessment (Chapter 1)
What is data collection,
What is required for sound diagno...,
What is the purpose of an assessment
45  cards
General Survey, Measurement, Vital Signs (Chapter 9 and 10)
What is a general survey,
65  cards
Mental Status Assessment (Chapter 5)
Mental status is,
Optimal functioning of mental hea...,
Usually mental health strikes a b...
69  cards
Assessment and Technique and Safety in the Clinical Setting (Chapter 8)
What is inspection,
What is the very first step of th...,
When does inspection process begin
56  cards
Pain (Chapter 11)
Pain is always subjective objective,
Pain assessment is the interpreta...,
Pain requires ___________ to resp...
18  cards
Exam 1 Main Points
Validation of data entailsa disti...,
Which chital thinking skill helps...,
An example of subjective data isa...
198  cards
Abdomen (Chapter 22)
What is the order for abdomen ass...,
What organs fall under the solid ...,
What organs fall under the hollow...
85  cards
Thorax and Lungs (Chapter 19)
Where is the suprasternal notch l...,
What does the manubriosternal ang...,
What is the manubriosternal angle...
90  cards
Cardiovascular (Chapter 20)
Bruit is caused by,
Where is the apex located,
Where is the base of the heart lo...
79  cards
Peripheral Vascular and Lymphatics (Chapter 21)
Arteries in the arm,
What is the major artery in the arm,
Ulnar is deeper and __________ to...
62  cards
Head and Neck (Chapter 14)
3 salivary glands,
Are salivary glands palpable,
Where is the parotid gland locate...
51  cards
Exam 2 Practice Questions
Tenderness during abdominal palpa...,
Select the correct description of...,
Select the best description of br...
12  cards
Nose, Mouth, Throat (Chapter 17)
What do we assess of the external...,
Nasal cavity parts,
4 paranasal sinuses
58  cards
Musculoskeletal System (Chapter 23)
Types of joints,
52  cards
Eyes and Vision (Chapter 15)
Inner eye can be easy route for,
Where is the lacrimal duct,
Three cranial nerves for extra oc...
61  cards
Ears and Hearing (Chapter 16)
What are the 3 structures we shou...,
When assessing the external struc...,
If there is an infection where mi...
25  cards
Neurologic System (Chapter 24)
3 parts of the nervous system,
Central nervous system,
76  cards
Crainal Nerves
Cranial nerve i,
Cranial nerve ii,
Cranial nerve iii
48  cards
Final Integrated Exam
Before starting the exam,
At beginning of exam,
Head and neck
10  cards
Exam 3 Practice Questions
What is the most common site of n...,
Which sinuses can you assess thro...,
The opening of an adults parotid ...
15  cards

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