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Lectures 1 and 2: introduction
What is the immune system,
The cellular and molecular immune...,
When the immune self loses abilit...
69  cards
Lecture 3+4: Cells and tissues of the immune system
64  cards
Lecture 5: The Innate Immune System
What is the immediate response of...,
What are some local effects of th...,
Describe the pathway of systemic ...
43  cards
Lecture 6- Immunoglobulins
Describe the structure of an anti...,
What two basic amino acid sequenc...,
Do b cell antibodies produce both...
52  cards
Lecture 9: MHC and Antigen Presentation
Antigen processing,
Antigen presentation,
What are the three types of profe...
74  cards
Lecture 10+11: T Cells
Where do all lymphocytes developm...,
What is responsible from getting ...,
Where does t cell development occur
111  cards
Lectures 12 + 13: B cells
Effector b cells are ___,
What are the two subclasses of b ...,
What does the transmembrane regio...
61  cards
Lecture 14: Mucosal Immunology
What is the primary antibody in m...,
What are some common intranasal v...,
What are some common oral vaccines
77  cards
Lecture 15- Immune Response to Viruses and Parasites
What is the primary mechanism in ...,
What is an obligate pathogen,
What are the steps in viral patho...
54  cards
Lecture 16- Immune Response to Bacteria/Fungi
40  cards
Lecture 17: Introduction to Diagnostic Immunology
What does nuclei acid amplificati...,
What is pcr cycle for nuclei acid...,
What does antibody antigen comple...
41  cards
Lecture 18: Diagnostic Immunology Case Studies
Neurological symptoms in wild rac...,
Describe the steps in rabies dire...,
Describe the steps in submitting ...
32  cards
Lecture 19 +20: Immunotherapies
Immune mediated or autoimmune fai...,
How are immune mediated diseases ...,
Immune mediated or autoimmune org...
92  cards
Lecture 21: Cancer Immunology
The cell cycle should ___ and ent...,
When does the cell cycle get reac...,
What are some exceptions to the s...
64  cards
Lecture 22+23: Immunizations
Passive immunization,
Does passive immunization activat...
65  cards
Lecture 24: Tolerance and Autoimmunity I
Immune tolerance,
Why is tolerance important,
How does immune system address re...
62  cards
Lecture 25-Tolerance and Autoimmunity II
Autoimmune disease,
Does autoimmunity always create d...
77  cards
Lecture 26: Immunology of Transplants and Transfusions
Response to transplantation and t...,
What is the determinate of an ind...,
What mediates immunological rejec...
71  cards
Lecture 27; Hypersensitivities I
What is a hypersensitivity,
What are two phases of hypersensi...,
Hypersensitivity reactions are re...
55  cards
Lecture 28: Type II-IV Hypersensitivities
Type ii hypersensitivity reaction...,
What type of hypersensitivity rea...,
What happens during sensitization...
50  cards
Lecture 29: Neonatal Immunology and Immunosenescence
Neonates are immunologically naiv...,
What is immunosenscence,
What is the first immune organ to...
79  cards
Lecture 30: Immunodeficiencies
Immunodeficiencies result from th...,
What is the primary consequence o...
63  cards

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