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cell theory
recall the four fundamental tenets of cell theory
6  cards
eukaryotic cells
dstinguish different properties of eukaryotic cells
69  cards
classification and structure of prokaryotic cells
compare / contrast archaea, bacteria, and eukaryotes
58  cards
viruses and subviral particles
recal virus teminology
41  cards
cell cycle and mitosis
Autosomal cells are _________ whi...,
Germ cells are _________ containi...,
What are the four stages of the c...
37  cards
Meiosis occurs in __________ and ...,
Similarities between meiosis and ...,
Mitosis vs meiosishow many rounds
25  cards
reproductive system
What is the purpose of the sry gene,
Primitive gonads develop into the...,
At are the two functional compone...
65  cards
early developmental stages
Where does fertilization occur,
Why does the sperm release acroso...,
The first sperm to come into dire...
67  cards
mechanisms of development
____________ is when the cell is ...,
________________ is the commitmen...,
T f prior to determination the ce...
22  cards
fetal circulation
Diffusion is the perferred method...,
T f it is common for maternal and...,
What is the importance of fetal h...
19  cards
gestation and birth
When does the heart begin to beat,
When do the major organs develop,
When does the cartilage skeleton ...
11  cards
cells of the nervous system
The nucleus endoplasmic reticulum...,
What is the purpose of dendrites,
_____________ integrates incoming...
25  cards
transmission of neural impulses
____________ is the net electric ...,
What is the average resting membr...,
What are the two ions that mainta...
35  cards
organization of the human nervous system
What are the three types of nerve...,
______________ neurons transmit s...,
__________ neurons trasmit motor ...
38  cards
mechanisms of hormone action
Hormones can be _________ or ____...,
Examples of peptide hormones,
Peptide hormones are all derived ...
124  cards
anatomy and mechanism of breathing
What does the thoracic cavity con...,
Explain the flow of air starting ...,
__________ is a common pathway fo...
26  cards
functions of the respiratory system
Functions of the lungs,
The cappillaries bring deoxygenat...,
The oxygenated blood returns to t...
19  cards
anatomy of the cardiovascular system
The cardiovascular system consist...,
The vasculature consists of what,
After the blood travels through t...
59  cards
_____________ is the liquid porti...,
The cellular portion of blood con...,
All blood cels are formed from __...
38  cards
physiology of the cardiovascular system
The force per unit area exerted o...,
What do,
Blood pressure is expressed as a ...
53  cards
structure of the immune system
__________ immunity always active...,
T f innate immunity is often call...,
____________ refers to the defens...
18  cards
the innate immune system
What is the body s first line of ...,
___________ are antibacterial enz...,
T f the respiratory and gi system...
26  cards
adaptive immune system
What two cells make up the adapti...,
_________ cells govern the humora...,
__________ cells mount the cell m...
41  cards
lymphatic system
Lymphatic vessels join to form a ...,
________ _______ and __________ m...,
What is the purpose of lymph nodes
8  cards
anatomy of the digestive system
Two types of digestion,
____________ digestion invovles t...,
___________ digestion is the proc...
71  cards
accessory organs of digestion
The endocrine functions of the pa...,
___________ are the exocrine cell...,
What do acinar cells produce
18  cards
absorption and defecation
The small intestine is lined with...,
Each villus has many small ______...,
In the middle of each villus ther...
21  cards
excretory system
_____________ is the kidneys oute...,
____________ consists of two capi...
46  cards
Layers of the skin,
The epidermis is subdivided into ...,
What are the three layers of the ...
34  cards
muscular system
___________ msucle is essential f...,
The contraction of skeletal muscl...,
_____________ muscle is responsib...
58  cards
skeletal system
What makes up the axial skeleton,
What makes up the appendicular sk...,
Bone is a connective tissue deriv...
42  cards
fundamental concepts of genetics
____________ is a population meas...,
____________ is defined as varyin...,
Explain the difference between co...
8  cards
changes in the gene pool
All of the genes that exist withi...,
_______________ is a chnage in dn...,
What are some ways new mutations ...
22  cards
analytical approaches in genetics
What are the phenotypic and genot...,
What is the phenotypic ration for...,
Sex linked traits are much more c...
7  cards
________________ is the theory th...,
T f darwin based in theory of nat...,
T f chance variations within indi...
24  cards

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