mcat gen chem and o chem

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General Chemistry Chapter 1: Atomic Structure
What charge does the proton have,
What is the atomic number determi...,
What is the difference between at...
35  cards
General Chemistry Chapter 2: The Periodic Table
What are the rows in the periodic...,
What are the columns in the perio...,
What do all the elements in a gro...
20  cards
Organic Chemistry Chapter 1: Nomenclature
What is the basic 5 step process ...,
What do alkanes end with,
What is the name for alkanes that...
19  cards
Organic Chemistry Chapter 2: Isomers
What are structural isomers,
What are conformational isomers,
What are staggered conformations ...
23  cards
General Chemistry Chapter 3: Bonding and Chemical Interaction
What does the octet rule state,
What are exceptions to the octet ...,
What is an ionic bond
22  cards
General Chemistry Chapter 4: Compounds and Stoichiometry
What are compounds,
What is molecular weight,
What is molar mass
21  cards
Organic Chemistry Chapter 3: Bonding
What do quantum numbers describe,
What is the principal quantum number,
What is the azimuthal quantum num...
19  cards
Organic Chemistry Chapter 4: Analyzing Organic Reactions
What is a lewis acid,
What is a lewis base,
What is a b l acid
55  cards
General Chemistry Chapter 5: Chemical Kinetics
What is the gibbs free energy,
What is the slowest step
17  cards
General Chemistry Chapter 6: Equilibrium
What do reversible reactions reach,
What is the law of mass action
20  cards
Organic Chemistry Chapter 5: Alcohols
What is the general form for alco...,
What is the suffix prefix for alc...,
What are phenols
19  cards
Organic Chemistry Chapter 6: Aldehydes and Ketones 1
Prefix and suffix for aldehydes,
Prefix and suffix for ketones,
How is the reactivity of a carbon...
12  cards
General Chemistry Chapter 7: Thermochemistry
Isolated systems,
Closed systems,
Open systems
24  cards
General Chemistry Chapter 8: The Gas Phase
Are gases fluids,
Gases are compressible or nah,
What are the variables of gas sys...
23  cards
Organic Chemistry Chapter 7: Aldehydes and ketones II
Alpha carbon,
Alpha hydrogens,
Are alpha hydrogens acidic
13  cards
Organic Chemistry Chapter 8: Carboxylic Acids
Suffix for salts,
Suffix for dicarboxylic acids
17  cards
Organic Chemistry Chapter 9: Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
Amides suffix,
What are the alkyl group on a sub...
27  cards
Organic Chemistry Chapter 10: Nitrogen and Phosphorus-Containing Compounds
The a carbon of an amino acid is ...,
All amino acids are chiral except,
All amino acids in eukaryotes are...
23  cards
Organic Chemistry Chapter 11: Spectroscopy
Infared spectroscopy measures,
Ir spectra are generally plotted as,
The normal range of spectrum is
26  cards
Organic Chemistry Chapter 12: Separations and Purifications
What are the two phases of extrac...,
Where is extraction carried out
25  cards
General Chemistry Chapter 9: Solutions
Solvation dissolution,
28  cards
General Chemistry Chapter 10: Acids and Bases
Arrhenius acids,
Arrhenius bases,
Bronsted lowry acids
34  cards
General Chemistry Chapter 11: Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
Oxidizing agent
20  cards
General Chemistry Chapter 12: Electrochemistry
Electrochemical cell,
32  cards

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