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PAG 01 microscopy
What is an eyepiece graticule,
What is a stage micrometer,
How does one calibrate a light mi...
13  cards
2.1 microscopy
Whats the equation for magnification,
Define magnification,
Define resolution
4  cards
2.2 magnification and callibration
Magnification def and formula,
How can we increase resolution
10  cards
2.4 eukaryotic cell structure
The ultrastructure of eukaryotic ...,
Mitochondria structure and function,
Vesicles function
17  cards
2.5 ultrastructure of plant cells
Chloroplasts def function,
Cell wall,
5  cards
2.6 eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells
What are the two similarities of ...,
What are the 6 differences betwee...,
The ultrastructure of eukaryotic ...
10  cards
3.1 biological elements
1  cards
3.2 water
What are the 6 characteristics of...,
What are the 4 roles that relate ...,
Define a polar molecule
12  cards
3.3 carbohydtrates
What are the monomers in volved i...,
Glucose is an example of a,
What are the two types of glucose...
19  cards
ch 3 Biological molecule testing PAG9
What is the two test for sugars a...,
What is the test for proteins and...,
What is the test for starch
4  cards
3. lipids
What are triglicerieds made up of,
What bonds form between glycerol ...,
Synthesis of the ester bond is kn...
10  cards
3. inorganic ions
Whats the role of in biologyca2,
Whats the role of in biologyna,
Whats the role of in biologyk
10  cards
3. Proteins
Whats monomer involved inproteins,
Describe thestructure of an amino...,
Two amino acids makes
22  cards
Using a colorimeter,
To measure the concentration of a...,
Using a potometer potometers are ...
3  cards
3.8 Nucleic acids
What are the three components of ...,
What 5 elemets make up nucleotides,
Nucleotides are the monomer unit ...
20  cards
3.9 DNA replication
Why does dna need to replicate,
How does dna replicate,
Why do we refer dna replication a...
15  cards
3.10 protein synthesis
Proteins differ by two things,
What are the 3 types ofrna,
Protein synthesis is split into t...
8  cards
4.1 Enzymes
What are enzymesenzymes,
Whats the role affect of enzymes ...,
Whats the role affect of enzymes ...
32  cards
1  cards
5.1 Structure and function of memebranes
Whats the roles of membranes with...,
Whats the roles of membranes with...,
Cell membranes have a sturucture ...
16  cards
5.2 Factors affecting membrane structure
What to factors affect cell memeb...,
How does temp effect permeability...,
3  cards
PAG 5 investigating membrane permiability
What do we use to record how dark...,
What does a colorimeter record,
The higher the permiability of th...
4  cards
5.3 Diffusion
Diffusion def,
Factors that effect the rate ofdi...,
Facilitated diffusion
6  cards
5.4 active transport
Active transport,
Active transport across a membrna...,
Bulk transport
5  cards
5.5 Osmosis
Pure water has the highest water ...,
Hydrostatic pressure
8  cards
PAG investigating water potential
Ho do you calculte teh water pote...
1  cards
6.1 The cell cycle
Processes taking place duringinte...,
What are the 5 stages of the cell...,
17  cards
6.2 Mitosis
What are the four stages of mitos...,
What happens in early prophase p ...,
How do chromosomes become visable
8  cards
6.3 Meiosis
Meiosis produces,
In sexual reproduction two fuse i...
18  cards
6.4 organisation
How are erythrocytes speciaised f...,
How are neutrophils specialised f...
14  cards
6.5 differentiation and stem cells
Adult stem cells in the bone marr...,
Cells in the meristems can differ...,
Stem cell potency
15  cards
7.1 Specialised exchange surfaces
Diffusion alone is enough for sin...,
An elephant has a surface area to...,
Single celled organism has a sa t...
3  cards
7.4 fish ventilation
Two types of fish,
Ventilation in fish mouth open fl...,
Ventilation in bony fish
11  cards
7.4 ventilation in mammals
Inspiration ventilation mechanism...,
Expiration mechanism in mamamals,
Expiration is a process
12  cards
7.3 measuring gas exchange
Vital capacity,
Tidal volume,
Ventilation rate
6  cards
7.4 gas exchange in insects
What are the holes along the abdo...,
To avoid water loss spiracles can...,
Spiracles lead into
7  cards
9.1 transport in dicotyledonous plants
The need for transport systems in...,
Plants need transport systems due...,
Plants need transport systems due...
56  cards
12.1 animal and plant pathogens
Comunicable disease,
33  cards
12.6 the specific immune response
Three steps of specific immune re...,
B cell main function produce memo...,
T cell main function produce memo...
19  cards
12.4 plant defence against pathogens
Plants physical defences,
Plant chemical defences
2  cards
12.7 immunity and vaccination
Give examples of both types of ac...,
What isactive imunity,
What is passive immuntiypassive i...
10  cards
12. antibiotics
What are antibiotics antibiotics,
Thestory behind penicillen and th...,
What ispharmacogenetics
17  cards
Define classification,
Why do we classify organisms,
Why do we classify organisms
25  cards
What is variation,
What are the two types of variation,
Variation can be _____ or ______
19  cards

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