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03 Handout 3
Principles that govern human s ri...,
Good result of an action should o...,
Action should respect and protect
27  cards
04 Handout
Employees understand the quality ...,
Conduct a comprehensive assessment,
Develop a comprehensive assessment
19  cards
04 Handout 1 Traditional or Quality
Effort are focused on maximizing ...,
Organization efforts are focused ...,
Typically adopts short term objec...
14  cards
01 Handout 1
Is the standard of excellence of ...,
Is an approach to maximize the co...,
Quality can be and must be measured
32  cards
01 Handout 1 Traditional or Quality
Productivity and quality are alwa...,
Quality is defined solely as meet...,
Quality is measured by establishi...
16  cards
02 Handout 2
Is the measure of how effective a...,
Is a basic input in an organizati...,
Are the key factors in consumer b...
25  cards
MIDTERMS 05 Handout 1
It is a management approach where...,
An empowered employee is attentiv...,
Employee finds his her job satisf...
22  cards
MIDTERMS 06 Handout 1
Successful leaders know their are...,
Is based on the philosophy that c...,
Successful leaders avoid negative...
26  cards
MIDTERMS 07 Handout 1
It pertains to an interdependent ...,
It pertains to the collaborative ...,
It refers to the various activiti...
24  cards
MIDTERMS 08 Handout 1
Effective communication is vital ...,
Effective communication is essent...,
Effective communication is import...
29  cards
Pareto charts refer to bar charts...,
A nineteenth century italian scie...,
States that eighty percent of the...
14  cards
It refers to the practice of dist...,
It refers to the practice of crea...,
It refers to the practice of main...
18  cards
Run Charts 09 Handout
It refers to a predictable proces...,
It refers to a predictable proces...,
It refers to a process that is un...
4  cards

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