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Family Center Care
Goals of family centered care,
The change in,
In a recent and local survey of p...
5  cards
Theories, motor milestones, principles
48  cards
Develomental Progressions, Advance Motor Skills milestones (from text book and slides)
Prone, supine, rolling, and erect standing.
89  cards
Atypical Development
How should a therapist support a ...,
Typical impairments of the infant...,
Scale for muscle tone
7  cards
Development of Play
Stages of play descriptive a thre...,
Stages of play descriptive a two ...,
True or false in a two y o play p...
28  cards
Developmental Examination and Evaluation
Therapists can gather a plethora ...,
Age equivalent scores may be espe...,
Criterion referenced tests are us...
49  cards
Peabody Developmental Motor Scales II
Developed by folio and fewell bet...,
Norm referenced or standardized t...
7  cards
PT for the Pre-School and School Aged Child
Pre schooler age,
School age,
True or false in the 1930s teache...
42  cards
Is noticed within the first few d...,
R torticollis has,
Most common type of torticollis
36  cards
Physical Therapy Management for the Child with Intellectual Disability Focus on Down Syndrome
A state in which function is impa...,
3 major criteria fro intellectual...,
Domains of adaptive function impa...
58  cards
Early Intervention (IDEA part C)
5 areas of development that are a...,
Components and differences betwee...,
Qualification of delay in nyc
5  cards
Obstetric Brachial Plexus Injury
Due to traction to the brachial p...,
Erb injury,
Klumpe brachial plexus injury
15  cards
Tests Ages
Done at 1 5 10 min after birth sc...,
Neonatal behavioral assessment sc...,
16  cards
Developmental Coordination Disorder
Developmental clumsiness in coord...,
Dcd definition by dsm 5 is classi...
24  cards
Cerebral Palsy
Can occur in utero during or shor...,
____________ refers to a constell...,
Is cp progressive or non progressive
46  cards
First documented autism is used t...,
A spectrum from asperger pdd auti...,
Impaired development of social in...
34  cards
Spina Bifida
Which is the second most common b...,
Incidence of spina bifida
16  cards
Pediatric Orthopedic Conditions
When the head of femur is directe...,
When the head of femur is directe...,
Negative foot angle is associated...
50  cards
Muscular Dystrophy and Related Disorders
Disorders of the motor nerve,
Disorders at the neuromuscular ju...,
Disorders of the muscle
24  cards
Wich nicu level,
Wich nicu level provides,
Wich nicu level provides
10  cards
Sensory Integration
Sensory integration dysfunction,
17  cards
Child Abuse
To report child abuse the child m...,
Elements of child abuse,
Elements of neglet
5  cards

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