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Milgram's study
Why was milgram interested in obe...,
What is obedience,
What was the aim of milgram s study
37  cards
Pilivan's study
Who was kitty genovese,
What was concerning about kitty g...,
Why do you think nobody helped ki...
40  cards
Levine's study
What area is levine s study in,
What is a collectivist culture,
What is an individualist culture
47  cards
Bocciaro's study
What is a research paradigm,
What is a whistle blower,
What was the aim of bocchiaro s s...
45  cards
Bandura's study
What are the three aspects of beh...,
What it classical conditioning,
What is operant conditioning
49  cards
Lee's study
What is an individualistic culture,
What is a collectivist culture,
What were the aims of lee s study
30  cards
Chaney's study
What is compliance in chaney s study,
What is operant conditioning,
What is positive reinforcement
43  cards
Kohlberg's study
What was kohlberg s aim,
Describe kohlberg s us sample,
Why was kohlberg s study longitud...
24  cards
Moray's study
What is the cocktail party effect,
What is dichotic listening,
What is shadowing
38  cards
Loftus and Palmer's study
What was the aim of loftus and pa...,
What was the expectation of loftu...,
What are leading questions
29  cards
Simons and Chubris' study
What is inattentional blindness,
What was the sample of simon and ...,
What rewards did the participants...
39  cards
Grant's study
What was the aim of grant s study,
What is context dependent memory,
What was the hypothesis of grant ...
40  cards
Freud's study
What was the aim of freud s study,
What perspective is freud s study,
How many levels of consciousness ...
27  cards
Gould's study
What area is gould s study in,
Who are gould and yerkes in regar...,
What were yerkes aims
28  cards
Baron-cohen's Study
What are the triad of impairment ...,
What is theory of mind,
What were the aims of baron cohen...
37  cards
Hancock's study
What was the aim of hancock s study,
What was the sample of hancock s ...,
What was the procedure of hancock...
22  cards
Sperry's study
What does contralateral mean,
What is lateralisation of function,
What is the corpus collosum
33  cards
Blakemore and Cooper's study
What were the aims of blakemore a...,
What is brain plasticity,
What was the sample of blakemore ...
29  cards
Casey's study
What was the aim of casey s study,
What was the sample of casey s study,
What were the four tasks in casey...
28  cards
Maguire's study
What was the sample of maguire s ...,
What was the aim of maguire s study,
What was the background of maguir...
30  cards
Ethical Considerations
What are the six ethical consider...,
Explain deception as an ethical c...,
Explain consent as an ethical con...
6  cards
What is a laboratory experiment,
What is a field experiment,
What is a quasi experiment
73  cards
Self report
What are open question,
What are closed questions,
What are two advantages of closed...
34  cards
What is a positive correlation,
What is a negative correlation,
What does no correlation mean
16  cards
What are the four broader ethical...,
What are the six specific ethical...,
Which specific ethical guidelines...
45  cards
What is a research aim,
What are the 5 key questions of o...,
What is an unstructured observation
43  cards
What does the social area investi...,
What does the cognitive area inve...,
What does the developmental area ...
61  cards
Unit 1 - Extra bits
What is standard form,
What are descriptive statistics,
What are inferential statistics
30  cards
Child topic 1 - Intelligence
What did gardner argue about inte...,
What were the types of intelligen...,
Who was goodenough harris intelli...
33  cards
Child topic 2 - Risk Taking
What was the aim of barklwy leven...,
What was the sample of barklwy le...,
What requirements did the sample ...
24  cards
Child topic 3 - Perceptual development
What was the name of gibson and w...,
What was the sample of the human ...,
What were the results of gibson a...
34  cards
Child topic 5 - Development of attachment
What were the aims of ainsworth a...,
What was the sample for ainsworth...,
How was the sample collected in a...
26  cards
Child topic 4 - Cognitive development and education
What was the aim of wood et al s ...,
What was the sample of wood et al...,
How was the sample of wood et al ...
24  cards
Child topic 6
What were the research questions ...,
What was the procedure of johnson...,
What was the sample of johnson an...
21  cards
Mental Health topic 1 - historical context
What are the two types of histori...,
Outline the theory behind demonic...,
What was the treatment for demoni...
63  cards
Mental health topic 2
Outline the biochemical explanati...,
Outline the biochemical explanati...,
What would treatment be aiming to...
30  cards
Mental health topic 3
What is the classical conditionin...,
Outline the positive reinforcemen...,
Outline the negative reinforcemen...
48  cards
Crime topic 1
What was the sample of raine s ma...,
What was the procedure of raine s...,
What were the results at age 11 o...
23  cards
Crime topic 2
What did miller suggests about ha...,
What did miller do,
What was the aim of hall and play...
24  cards
Crime topic 3
What was the peace model for inte...,
What does the p in peace stand fo...,
What does the e in peace stand fo...
31  cards
Crime topic 4
What was the background of dixon ...,
What were the aims of dixon s study,
What was the sample of dixon s study
28  cards
Crime topic 5
According to cohen and felson wha...,
According to cohen and felson wha...,
What are the ways to reduce crime...
34  cards
All Studies
What was the key research of chil...,
What was the key research of chil...,
What was the key research of chil...
33  cards
Crime topic 6
What is the aim of restorative ju...,
What happens during restorative j...,
What did sherman and strong do
38  cards

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