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Session 1 - Pectoral Region
Name the four sections of the pec...,
What is the name of the muscle in...,
Name a and and give the bone it a...
24  cards
Session 1 - Bones and Joints
What are the two types of connect...,
What is the external surface of a...,
Was is contained in the medullary...
34  cards
Session 1 - Anatomy of the Scapula and Humerus
What is a,
What is b,
What is c
43  cards
Session 1 - Anatomy of the Clavicle, Ulna + Radius and the hand
What is the bone shown in the pic...,
Give two functions of the clavicle,
Why is the clavicle prone to frac...
40  cards
Session 2 - The axilla
What is the structure in the image,
What is a,
What is b
21  cards
Session 2 - The Brachial Plexus
What is the structure shown in th...,
What is the structure and functio...,
What are the five divisions of th...
30  cards
Session 2 - Skeletal muscle
Give four functions of skeletal m...,
Why is a mechanical effiency of 2...,
Give 7 types of skeletal muscle
35  cards
Session 3 - Anatomy of the arm
What is the cubital fossa,
What is the cubital fossa,
What is the lateral border made u...
15  cards
Session 4 - Anterior muscles of the forearm
What is a,
What is the innervation of a,
What are the roots of the median ...
36  cards
Session 3 - Development of the Limbs
What appears at fourth week of de...,
What are the limb buds in embryon...,
What are a and b
50  cards
Session 3 - Muscles of the back
What is the muscle found in the p...,
What nerve provides motor innerva...,
What are the roots of the accesso...
51  cards
Session 5 - Posterior Muscles of the forearm
Name the seven superficial muscle...,
What are the muscles in the poste...,
What occurs in all superficial po...
40  cards
Session 6 - Muscles of the hand
What are the two main muscle grou...,
Where are extrinsic muscles found...,
Where are intrinsic muscles found...
58  cards
Session 7 - Anterior thigh muscles
What are the four main muscles fo...,
What do the muscles of the anteri...,
What are the muscles of the anter...
28  cards
Session 7 - Medial thigh muscles
What are the five muscles in the ...,
What do the muscles of the medial...,
What innervates the medial compar...
23  cards
Session 7 - Femoral Triangle
What is the superior border s mad...,
What is lateral border l made up of,
What medial border m made up of
14  cards
Session 8 - Gluteal region
What are the superficial abductor...,
What the deep lateral rotators of...,
What are the actions of the glute...
29  cards
Session 1 - Fractures of the Humerus
Name fourtypes of humeral fracture,
What is damaged in a surgical fra...,
What does damage to the axillary ...
22  cards
Session 3 - Important points
What is amelia,
What is meromelia,
A complete absence of a limb or l...
20  cards
Session 4 - Dermatomes
What are embryonic precursors of ...,
From what do dermamyotomes arise,
What do dermamyotomes differentia...
23  cards
Session 4 - Nerve Lesions
What are the motor innervations o...,
What are the sensory innervations...,
In brief give the course of the u...
35  cards
Movement of the upper limb - Sensory innervation
This shows abduction a and adduct...,
This shows abduction a and adduct...,
This shows flexion and extension ...
11  cards
Session 4 - important notes
0  cards
Session 5 - Joints: Elbow, forearm and wrist
What are the articulations of the...,
What type of joint is the elbow j...,
What happens at full extension of...
45  cards
Session 5 - Common joint injuries
Covered in this deck scaphoid fra...,
What is a common way to fracture ...,
What is the main clinical sign of...
32  cards
Session 7 - Pelvic Girdle
What does the pelvic girdle consi...,
What are the three main functions...,
Where do the hip bones articular ...
30  cards
Session 7 - Femur
What is the main function of the ...,
What is this a picture of,
What does the proximal femur form
39  cards
Session 8 - The too Hip to handle Joint
What type of joint is the hip joint,
What are the articulations of the...,
What is the hip joint designed to...
57  cards
Session 9 - Posterior Thigh Muscles
What are the three muscles in the...,
Name the three muscles of the pos...,
What are the muscles of the poste...
12  cards
Session 9 - Politeal Fossa
Where is the popliteal fossa foun...,
What is the significance of the p...,
What compartments make up poplite...
20  cards
Session 9 - Knee Joint
What type of joint is the knee joint,
What movements does the knee join...,
In overview what articulations fo...
34  cards
Session 9 - Injuries of the knee joint
What are the three things to thin...,
What is injury to the collateral ...,
How can damage to the collateral ...
19  cards
Session 8 - notes and quotes
What is the iliotibial tract,
What is enclosed within the iliot...,
What are the nerve roots of the s...
54  cards
Session 9 - notes and quotes
What is the origin of the superio...,
What is the origin of the inferio...,
What is the course of the inferio...
7  cards
Session 10 - notes and quotes
What is intermittent claudication
1  cards
Session 10 - Nerve injuries of the leg
How can the tibial nerve be damaged,
What motor deficits are present a...,
Why is the fibular nerve the most...
8  cards

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