surgery & anaesthesia - nsula vet tech program spring 2016

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Surgical Instruments
Kirschner wire,
Intramedullary im pins,
Bone cutting forceps
100  cards
Preanesthetic agent,
How do anticholinergics parasympa...,
What areas of the body are contro...
19  cards
Phenothiazines & Butyrophenones
What are three phenothiazine drugs,
What is one butyrophenone drug,
What drug combination goes under ...
13  cards
Suture Patterns
Simple inturrupted suture,
14  cards
What are six drugs in the benzodi...,
What are some properties of benzo...,
What routes of administration are...
7  cards
Thiazine Derivatives
What is another name for thazine ...,
What are four drugs in thiazine d...,
What two xylazine dosage strength...
14  cards
What are opioids also known as,
What is the opioid mode of action,
What are five effects of opioids
16  cards
General Anesthesia I
Define general anesthesia,
What are the four anesthetic proc...,
Define induction
42  cards
Dental Terminology - Anatomic Terms
Alveolar bone,
Alveolar crest,
Alveolar mucosa
59  cards
Introduction to Anesthesia
Desirable properties of anesthesi...,
General anesthesia,
Surgical anesthesia
37  cards
Dental Terminology - Dental Positioning/Surfaces
16  cards
Anesthesia Machine Tasks
What are the units for the o2 tan...,
What are the units for the pressu...,
What is the maximum o2 pressure i...
32  cards
Dental Terminology - Dental Fields
Oral surgery
7  cards
Dental Terminology - Oral Diseases/Conditions
Acquired pellicle,
40  cards
Dental Terminology - Theraputic Abbreviations
Be i,
56  cards
Anesthesia Machine Photos
01 anesthesia machine,
02 e cylinders of oxygen,
03 pressure gauge for o2 tank
37  cards
Heska Vet IV 2.2 Fluid Pump
When draping which side of the dr...,
What are the steps to switch betw...,
What are the fluid choices on the...
18  cards
1-19-2016 Reading Material
Tear, Ch1, pp 2 – 4 Tear, Ch 1, pp 13 - 18 Tear, Ch 1, p 37 Tear, Ch 2, pp 54 – 60 Tear, Ch 2, pp 60 – 64 Tear, Ch 2, pp 65 – 67 Tear, Ch 2, pp 67 – 70 Tear, Ch 2, pp 70 – 75 Tear, Ch 2, pp 75 – 80 Tear, Ch 2, pp 42 - 49
96  cards
Parts of a Surgical Instrument
01 parts of a surgical instrument,
01 parts of a surgical instrument,
01 parts of a surgical instrument
6  cards
Miltex Video
Define disinfected,
Define sterilized,
What type of cleaning is preferre...
19  cards
1-21-2016 Reading Material
Define asepsis,
Define surgical conscience,
How is asepsis maintained in the ...
54  cards
1-28-2016 Reading Material
What determines the type of tissu...,
What is best used in tissue where...,
What type of needle is used with ...
41  cards
2-2-2016 Reading Material
0  cards
Exam 3
What are five risk factors for an...,
Define laryngeal eversion,
What issues arise when surgically...
229  cards
Exam #4
How long should food be withheld ...,
What are seven things that should...,
What is the equine patient prone ...
156  cards
Final Exam
Define preemptive analgesia,
Define analgesia,
Define analgesic
46  cards
Final Exam Calculation Review Material
How long should food water be wit...,
How long should food water be wit...,
How long should food water be wit...
44  cards

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