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Three Worlds Meet - Chapter 1
To understand native cultures of North America, Africa, and Europe, and the European drive to explore and colonize overseas.
32  cards
The American Colonies Emerge - Chapter 2
To understand the reasons for the European colonization of the Americas, as well as how the original 13 English colonies took hold in what is now the United States.
30  cards
The Colonies Come of Age - Chapter 3
To analyze the economic, social, and political growth of the 13 colonies and examine how the colonies and Britain began to grow apart.
24  cards
The War for Independence - Chapter 4
To analyze the causes of the American Revolution and understand the important events of the war as well as the role played by significant individuals during the conflict.
27  cards
Shaping a New Nation - Chapter 5
To examine the domestic challenges faced by the young Republic; to understand American beliefs and principles reflected in the U.S. Constitution.
22  cards
The Living Constitution
To analyze the principles of the U.S. Constitution, and summarize the purposes for and the processes of changing the U.S. Constitution
22  cards
Launching the New Nation - Chapter 6
To describe major domestic and foreign problems faced by the leaders of the new Republic such as maintaining national security and creating a stable economic system government.
35  cards
Balancing Nationalism and Sectionalism - Chapter 7
To describe major domestic and foreign problems faced by the leaders of the new Republic such as maintaining national security and creating a stable economic system government.
30  cards
Reforming American Society - Chapter 8
To recognize the causes and effects of the Second Great Awakening and to understand the various social and labor reform movements that swept the nation during the first half of the 19th century.
30  cards
Expanding Markets and Moving West - Chapter 9
To understand the causes and consequences of western settlement and to summarize the events surrounding the independence of Texas and the War with Mexico.
33  cards
The Union in Peril - Chapter 10
To understand the conflict over slavery and other regional tensions that led to the Civil War.
23  cards
The Civil War - Chapter 11
To understand the military strategy, political struggle, outcome, and legacy of the Civil War.
30  cards
Reconstruction and Its Effects - Chapter 12
To understand the political struggle, accomplishments, and failures of Reconstruction in the years following the Civil War.
22  cards
Changes on the Western Frontier - Chapter 13
To analyze the settlement of the Great Plains during the late 1800s and to examine Native American policies, private property rights, and the Populist movement.
22  cards
A New Industrial Age - Chapter 14
To analyze the effects of various scientific discoveries and manufacturing innovations on the nature of work, the American labor movement, and businesses.
21  cards
Immigrants and Urbanization - Chapter 15
To analyze the economic, social, and political effects of immigration and to understand the immigrant experience.
24  cards
Life at the Turn of the 20th Century - Chapter 16
To analyze significant turn-of-the-20th-century trends in such areas as technology, education, race relations, and mass culture.
21  cards

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