veterinary physiology

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Structure & Innervation of the GI Tract
The function of the gi tract is _...,
List the general activities to ac...,
Tract the linear sequence of the ...
39  cards
Gastrointestinal Regulatory Substances
What substances regulate gi funct...,
What are the release sites of gi ...,
What are the routes taken of gi p...
62  cards
Gastrointestinal Motility
What does motility refer to,
The contractile tissue of the git...,
What allows for very smooth contr...
78  cards
Salivary & Gastric Secretions
What is the function of saliva,
Dogs on dry foot produce mostly _...,
What are the 3 major salivary glands
67  cards
Gastric, Pancreatic, & Bile Secretions
Trace the direct path of vagal st...,
Trace the indirect path of vagal ...,
Why won t atropine block hcl secr...
69  cards
Digestion & Absorption of Carbohydrates & Proteins
What is absorption,
What are the two pathways of abso...,
Define transcellular
47  cards
Adrenal Medulla & Cortex
What does the adrenal cortex produce,
What does the adrenal medulla pro...,
The adrenal medulla has ______ in...
49  cards
Adrenal Cortex
The effects of cortisol are descr...,
Only ______ cortisol is biologica...,
The net effects of cortisol are c...
41  cards
Digestion & Absorption of Lipids, Absorption of Vitamins & Minerals
What are triglycerides,
Lipids must be solubilized in the...,
Stomach quickly slowly empties ch...
36  cards
Intestinal Transport & Liver Physiology
The enterosystemic fluid cycle is...,
Why is the enterosystemiic fluid ...,
What has a substantial fraction o...
48  cards
Avian Digestive Physiology
The ______ organ of a bird is ver...,
What is the oropharynx,
How does a bird use its beak to d...
49  cards
Ruminant Digestive Physiology I
List the ruminant forestomachs,
What is the gastric stomach,
What is pre gastric fermentation ...
80  cards
Ruminant Digestive Physiology II
At birth the rumen is the same si...,
Does a calf have any microbes,
In a calf at birth milk bypasses ...
58  cards
Endocrine Pancreas 1
T f the endocrine pancreas compri...,
What hormones are produced in the...,
What tissues are insulin sensitive
60  cards
Endocrine Pancreas II
How does carbohydrate metabolism ...,
Insulin also aids in _______ of g...,
How does lipid metabolism affect ...
52  cards
Hormone Synthesis, Regulation of Hormone Secretion, & Hormone Receptors
The endocrine works in concert wi...,
Most hormones are synthesized in ...,
Hormones are usually secreted by ...
47  cards
Mechanism of Hormone Action & Second Messengers
What is the final outcome interac...,
What is the threshold response,
What is this curve called
52  cards
Hypothalamic-Pituitary Relationships
What does the hypothalamic pituit...,
What are the parts of the adenohy...,
Which part of the adenohypohysis ...
26  cards
Regulation of Calcium & Phosphate Metabolism
What is involved in the regulator...,
What processes are involved for ca2,
Calcium is found in higher concen...
72  cards
Reproductive Physiology of the Male & Fertilization
Testosterone is made in the ______,
The formation of spermatozoa in t...,
The spermatogonium divide to form...
43  cards
What is comprised of the fibrous ...,
What is part of the vascular part...,
What is the nervous component of ...
61  cards
Vestibulocochlear nerve is for __...,
What is the bony labyrinth of the...,
What is the membranous labyrinth
64  cards
Stuff I Thought Is Important Test 4
a whole melting pot of repro and neuro physio definitions
353  cards
Renal Review
Differentiate superficial cortica...,
The glomerulus is a glomerular ca...,
Long loops of henle in juxtamedul...
88  cards
Respiratory Review
The ______ system is a low pressu...,
_____ is an active process and __...,
What is atelectasis
45  cards
Cardiac Review
Cardiac muscle cells are connecte...,
Extracellular ____ is essential f...,
T f you cannot increase the force...
27  cards

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