year 3 medicine

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What is the ddx of pleuritic ches...,
Ddx of pleuritic chest pain
2  cards
A 65 year old female with a 30 pa...,
In copd blue bloaters predominant...,
In copd pink puffers predominantl...
23  cards
Amir Sam Lectures
3 causes of sudden onset breathle...,
60 yr old mansobsudden onsetpmh c...,
Framwork for breathlessness 3 thi...
50  cards
Buzz words: Cardiology
Anacrotic pulse breathlessness sy...,
Pink frothy sputum graham steell ...,
Barlow syndrome mid systolic clic...
71  cards
Buzz words: Respiratory
Sob on exertion winter bronchitis...,
Inv post bronchodilator spirometry,
Fever chronic cough weight loss a...
34  cards
Buzz words: Endocrinology
Centripetal obesity bruises darke...,
Polyuria polydipsia pituitary tum...,
Hereditary hypercalcaemia lithium...
38  cards
Buzz words: Oncology
Nephroblastoma children distensio...,
Aids defining illness multiple pu...,
Horner s syndrome t1 muscle wasting
17  cards
Buzz words: Lumps
Punctum painless attached to skin,
Extensor surface firm and painles...,
Lump on a scar solid and itchy
18  cards
Buzz words: Breast
Breast mouse benign hard smooth m...,
Fibrocystic changes multiple cyst...,
First month of breast feeding lar...
13  cards
Buzz words: Vascular
Lipodermatosclerosis gaiter regio...,
Atherosclerosis vasculitis punche...,
Absent reduced sensation trauma s...
11  cards
Buzz words: Haemotology
Tired sob conjunctival pallor tac...,
Microcytic anaemia 2 trait 3 hbh ...,
Coeliac alcohol hypothyroid drugs...
38  cards
Buzz words: Infectious Diseases
Rice water stool gm ve,
Bloody diarrhoea gm ve,
Traveller s diarrhoea enterotoxig...
34  cards
Amir Sam: GI Med/Surg
Causes of hepatomegaly,
Causes of liver disease,
Patient with alt of 300 normal is
94  cards
MedEd: GI Med/Surg
1 a 41 year old female presents w...,
Continuous epigastric ruq pain lo...,
Ruq pain radiating to the back ja...
8  cards
MedEd: GI Med/Surg
1 a 41 year old female presents w...,
Continuous epigastric ruq pain lo...,
Ruq pain radiating to the back ja...
31  cards
Amir Sam: Neurology
Causes of collapse groups,
Cardiac causes of collapse,
59 yr old man long standing htn e...
90  cards
Amir Sam Images
What does this cxr show,
What does this x ray show,
What does this x ray show
19  cards

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year 3 medicine

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