z - general zoology

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Fundamentals of Animal Biology
The scientific study of animal life,
What is the nature of science,
The process of objectively establ...
113  cards
Animal Diversity
What are the 6 features of the an...,
Why are animals able to respond q...,
Where is the phylogenetic tree of...
129  cards
Have no true nucleus,
Where can the dna be found in pro...,
Have nuclues
119  cards
Mitosis and Cell Division
Two 2 ways the eukaryotic cells d...,
Cells that undergo mitosis,
Cells that undergo meiosis
117  cards
Also known as higher chordata,
Also known as lower chordata,
Subphylum of protochordata
26  cards
Chromosomal Basis of Hereditary
Packed coils of dna and protein,
Chromosomes in prokaryote where,
Control protein synthesis thereby...
28  cards
Heredity and Evolution
Long molecule consisting of many ...,
Monomers form larger molecules by...,
Taxonomy cell to organism
25  cards
DNA Replication
Allows genetic information to be ...,
Where the replication of chromoso...,
Two strands are separated by ____...
57  cards
Mendel and the Gene Idea
What genetic principles account f...,
The idea that genetic material co...,
Parents pass on discrete heritabl...
92  cards
Animal Tissues
An ensemble of cells not necessar...,
Function of the tissues are neces...,
Study of tissues
197  cards
Quiz 4 and 5
Chromosomes in eukaryotes are sho...,
Identical sister chromatids are b...,
Is where microtubules attach duri...
53  cards
Protection, Support, and Movement
Protection _,
Support _,
Movement _
209  cards
Nutrient Procurement
Refers to any substance required ...,
Produce their own food,
Sunlight or chlorophyll bearing
141  cards
Gas Exchange
Energy from food is released by o...,
Oxidative processes that occur wi...,
Exchange of gasses between blood ...
60  cards
Circulatory and Transport System
Functions of the circulatory system,
Do not need a circulatory system,
Lacks circulatory system
160  cards
What is the main waste product,
What is the main organ of the exc...,
How do organisms control osmotic ...
75  cards
Any self regulating process by wh...,
Adjusting of physiological system...,
Three parts mechanisms of homeost...
44  cards
Process of producing offspring th...,
Two 2 modes of reproduction,
A single parent produces offsprin...
95  cards
Frog Muscles Level 1 and 2
Level 1 muscles,
Level 2,
Level 1 muscles 6 10
6  cards
Nervous Coordination: Nervous System and Sense Organs
Basic plan of the nervous system,
Functional units of nervous systems,
Cause a signal to be generated an...
229  cards
Chemical Coordination: Endocrine System
Second great integrative system t...,
Endocrine system is composed of v...,
Chemical substances that are rele...
214  cards
Quiz 1 - 3
Correct chronology of vertebrate ...,
The removal of metabolic wastes s...,
Which statement is true a filtrat...
63  cards
Moving Exam
The lens at the top that you look...,
Eyepiece lens,
Holds the eyepieces in place abov...
34  cards

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