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That ancient place has captured the imaginations of travelers.

Capture the imagination


They were rediscovered by archeologists.

Perspolice is one of the most visited archeological sites in the world.

Archeologist, archeology, archeological.
A person who studies ancient cultures.


Students need the ablility to construct a logical arguement.

To construct a new bridge/building

Construct: to build sth


There was a spectacular sunset last night.

A spectacular view

We have had spectacular success with the product.

Spectacular: very exciting to look at, especially great


Does he wear those ridiculous clothes to draw attention to himself?

He is an excellent speaker who always draws a crowd.

Draw: to attract attention or interest.


I'm trying to be more adventerous with my cooking.

She is a person who always had an adventurous spirit.

Come on!!
Be a bit more adventurous! You always choose chicken and chips!

Instead of staying in the hotel all the time, we wanted tocgo iut and be adventurous.

Adventurous: willing to try bew or difficult things.


We paused to marvel at the view.

I often marvel that humans can treat eachother so badly.

Marvel: to show or experience great surprise or admiration.


It's a marvel to me how they have managed to build the tunnel so quickly.

The latest technological marvel...

Marvel: a thing or person that is very surprising or causes a lot of admiration.


The government instituted a set of restrictions on the use of drug.

Institute to start or cause a system, rule, legal action to exist.


To preserve the environment.

To keep sth as it is.


β€˜My father was very sure about certain matters pertaining to the universe.’

β€˜This one could be considered with all seriousness, as it pertains to all important health matters.’

Pertain to sth: to relate to or have a connection with sth.


The problem with some of these drugs is that they are so very accessible.

He has made some attempt to make opera accessible to a wider public.

Accessible: 1-able to be reached or easily got.
2- easy to understand


The Rules may seem restrictive but they are meant to protect the area.

Restrictive, restrict, restriction: to put limit on sth, an official limit on sth.


There is nothing better after a hard day's work than to luxuriate in a hot bath.

After we returned from a week of hiking in the mountains, we luxuriated in the comfort of out beds.

Luxuriate: to get great pleasure from sth, especially because if provides physical comfort.



The concept of ecotourism has been gaining publicity over the past couple of decades.

He attracted a lot of adverse publicity with his speech about unmarried mothers.

We have planned an exciting publicity campaign with our advertisers.

Publicity: an activity that makes sth known to the public.


We must strive to narrow the gap between rich and poor.

We strive to ensure that all children are treated equally.

We strive for perfection but sometimes have to accept sth less.

Strive:to try very hard to do something or to make sth happen, especially for a long time or against difficulties.


During the emergency many staff volunteered to work through the weekend.

Volunteer:to offer to do sth that you don't have to do

N and V


A beautiful mountain wilderness.

It's a wilderness area , under the protection or the park's department.

Wilderness:an outside area in which plants are left to grow naturally or untidily


There is a shortage of cheap accomodation.

We have first and second class accommodation on this flight.

Accommodation: a place to live, work , stay , especially on holiday or for students at college.


Children in this country are getting much too fat, and sugar and sweets are the main culprits.

Culprite: a fact or situation that is the reason tor sth bad happening.


Police hope the public will help them to find the culprits.

Culprit: someone who has done sth wrong, criminal


Toxic chemicals continue to be dumped into the river.

Dump:to get rid of garbage and trash.


These remote islands inhabited only by birds and small animals.

They live in a remote corner of Scotland

Remote: far away


Tourists should be wary, as pickpockets are known to operate in this area.

I'm a little wary about giving people my address when I don't know them very well.

The teacher was wary of giving his pupils too much information at once.

Wary, wariness, warily:
Not completely trusting or ceratin about sth or someone.


It's a small hotel that can only accomodate about 50 guests.

students may be accomodated in halls of residence.

Accomodate: to provide with a place to live


It's not hard to conceive *of* ways to protect environment.

I find it hard to conceive that people are still treated so badly.

I can't conceive how anyone could behave so cruelly.

Conceive, concept, conceptual, conceptually

To imagine sth


The exhibition was conceived by the museum's director.

He conceived the plot for this film while be was still a student.


To invent a plan or an idea.


Tourism has gone beyond the conceptual stage to become something that many people have put into practice.

Conceptual:based on ideas or principles.


Too much alcohol is injurious to your health.

Injurious: harmful


Many companies publicize themselves as ecotourism companies, but not all of them follow ecotourism principles.

Publicize: to make information about sth generally available.


I endeavored to explain the legal consequences of his action.

Endeavor: to try to do sth
An effort or attempt to do something


The team is sponsored by Samsung, so the players wear the letters samsung on their shirts.

Ema said she was doing a ten-mile walk for charity and asked if I'd sponsor her.

To support a person , organization , or activity by giving monet, encouragement, or other help.


The participants hone their creative skills under the supervision of professional artists

Hone: to make sth perfect or completely suitable for its purpose.


The drug should only be administered under strict medical supervision.

The students are not allowed to handle these chemicals unless they are under the supervision of a teacher.

The machine should only be used with adult supervision.

Supervision: the act of watching a person or activity and making certain that everything is done correctly.


French cuisine


A style of cooking


The agency deals with residential and commercial property.

Residential: relating to where you live
Reside, residence.


They are content to socialize with a very small circle of people

You are easily contented , aren't you?

He is quite content living on his own.

They were content with second hand clothes.

My explanation seemed to content him.

Content( n and verb) , contentment

pleased with ur situation and not hoping for change or improvement.


It's very stylish and beautiful film, but it lacks content.

Content: the ideas that are contained in a piece of writing, a speech or a film


He didn't need to open the letter because he already knew the contents.

Contents: everything that is contained within sth.


What is the most economical way of heating the building?

Economical:OPPS: costly
Inexpensive,Not using a lot of money , fuel ,


A holiday resort

Resort: a place where many peope go for rest , sport , or another purposes.


A costly purchase/ a costly item

Costly: expensive, especially too expensive.

Opp: budget


The magazine covers a broad range of subjects, from sewing to psychology.

Broad: including a wide range of things


A lot of companies are trying to
economize by not taking on new staff.

You could economize on food by not eating in restaurants all the time.

Economize: to try to save money by reducing the amount that you are spending.


The spectacular natural setting , the wonders of architectural and engineering skills embodied in the well-preserved buildings.

Embody: to include as part of something,to represent a quality or an idea exactly


While he was at the library, Steve decided to seek out some information on the history of the area.

Ecotourists seek out accomodations that follow environmentally friendly practices such as renewable resources and recycling.

Seek sth/sb out: ​
to look for someone or something, especially for a long time until you find him, her, or it