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She said that she was tired of being pursued by crowds of jounalists.

Pursue: to follow sb or sth usually to try to catch him her or it.


We will not be pursuing this matter any further.

I don't think this idea is worth pursuing any further.

Pursue: to try to discover information about a subject.


We need to decide soon what marketing strategy we should persue for these new products.

She is ruthless in pursuing her goals.

Pursue: if you pursue a plan , goal , activity, you try to do it , usually over a long period if time.


He has been pursuing her for months and yet she is clearly not interested .

Pursue: to try hard to persuade sb to have a relationship with you.


Some people enjoy spending their leisure time engaged in intellectual activities.

Recent studies show that intellectual function weakens as a result of the energy expended simply sorting out the overwhelming stimuli of city life.

His energy and intellect are respected all over the world.

Intellectual , intellect,: related to thinking.

Expend: to use or spend time effort or money.
Governmets expend a lot of sources on war.


Recent studies show that intellectual function weakens as a result of the energy expended simply sorting out the overwhelming stimuli of city life.

I have had a sort-out in the bedroom.
It is looking rather better.

Sort-out: when you put things in order


She felt an overwelming urge/desire to tell someone about what had happened.

Overwhelming: difficult to fight against


She said how much she appreciated the overwhelming generosity of the public in responding to the appeal.

The devastation showed the overwhelming power of the earthquake.

Overwhelming: very large


Foreign investment has been a stimulus to the industry.

The book will provide simulus to research in this very important area.

Stimulus: plural : stimuli
Sth that causes growth or activity.


People suffer, decreases in memory after taking a short walk on a busy city street ...

Suffer : n and v
To experience sth difficult or painful.


I had this sudden impulse to shout out in the middle of her speech.

Impulse: a sudden strong wish to do sth.


She felt rejuvenatet by staying fortnight in london.

We have to rejuvenate ourselves in nature deliberately.

He has decided to rejuvenate the team by bringing in a lot of young and new players.

Rejuvenate, Rejuvenation
Refresh, make sb look young and energetic , make an organization more effective by using new methods people and ideas.


Around the world the most popular way to spend free time is watching tv. This, the most passive of pastimes, is how americans spend more than half their leisure time.

Watching tv is the nation's most popular pastime.

Pastime: an activity that is done for enjoyment


Many parents are feel reluctant to talk openly with their children.

She persuaded her reluctant husband to take a trip to florida with her.

I'm a bit relyctant to get involved.

Parents are feel reluctant to let their children play freely in the city, fearing for their health and safety

Reluctant: not willing to do sth and slow to do it.


Childhood obesity and depression are reaching epidemic levels.

Epidemic:happening a lot and affecting many people.


The school director has authorized the teachers to spend a larger chunk of the school day outdoors with their students.

Authorities have begun to acknowledge the problem.

According to an authoritative source, spending time in nature improves our health.

Acknowledge: to admit , accept as true.


Vacations are the most obvious chunk of leisure time.

Chunk: a large piece : n