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Focus on in something as small as a pin, Notice that as you focus, everything else that fills your whole area of sight is indistinct.

An indistinct shape/sound/

Distinct / distinctly : un clear.


IfcI don't wear my glasses , everything is just a blur.

It all happened so long ago that it's just a blur to me now.

The last few days seem to have gone by in a blur.

This film blurs the boundary/line between reality and fantasy.

Blur N and V:
sth that you cannot see clearly.
Sth that you cannot remember or understand clearly.


A figure came into my peripheral vision.

The book contains a great deal of peripheral detail.

Peripheral: sth that is peripheral is not as important as sth else
Happening at the edge of sth



They demonstrate with a very high level of skill, how much we can use our entire range of peripheral vision.

Demonstrate, demonstration: to show


Detecting as much motion as possible while performing physical maneuvers is quite a feat.

Maneuver: movement


I realized I was looking at it from the wrong angle.

The tower is visible from every angle/all angles.

Angle: a position from which sth is looked at.


It is important for an athlete to have good physical coordination.

An athlete must coordinate physical skill with sharp vision to play a gem well.

The coordinated movements of all the team members will help them win the game.

Head motion must coordinate with eye movement to assist in balance.

Coordinate, coordinated, coordination:
to organize, make work together.


We were penalized for having too many players on the court.

Tennis court/ football court

Court boundaries.

Court: an area on the ground that is used for playing sports.


An Indiscernible change/ shape/ reason.

Indiscernible/ indiscernibly:
impossible to see or understand and notice.


The need to pay attention to many things at once complicates the game for an athlete.

Complicate, complication , complicated.