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No one has yet been able to trace the source of the rumour.

The clowns, and other circus performers who are familiar to us today can trace their roots to the stadiums ofcthe ancient world.

Trace: to find the origin of something.


The hotel is an ideal venue for conferences and business meetings.

The stadium has been specifically designed as a venue for World Cup matches.

The restaurant was the ideal venue for a romantic evening.

That circus was founded as a venue for public entertainment.

Venue: the place where a public event or meeting happens.


Exotic animals, flowers

Exotic: Unusual and exciting because of coming from far away , especially a tropical country



Let's go and see the new dinosaur Exhibit !

Exibits of exotic animals such as elephants and tigers...

Most zoos try to exhibit animals in naturalistic settings.

Exibit: n and v


We had to move out of the offices while the renovations were being done.

It had gone through several renovations

Renovation: repair or rebuilding.


Footbal is a pupular spectator sport.

That stadium could seat more than 200,000 spectators.

Spectator: a person who watches an event.


The remnant's of last night's meal.

After the last remnants of the Roman Empire...

Remnant: A small piece or amount of sth that is left from original piece or amount.


She is looking for permanent place to stay.

Are you looking for a temporary or a permanent job?

The disease can cause permanent damage to the brain.

Permanent, permanence :
lasting for a long time or for ever


The monarchs of the Europe had court jesters , whose duty it was to provide amusement for the court.

Jester court دلقك دربار

Jester: a man in the past whose job was to tell jokes and make people laugh.


Constitutinal Monarch( only has very limited powers)

Monarch : a king or queen.


Jesters combined the talents of jugglers, clowns and mimes.

Juggler : a person who does magic
Mime: a short play without speech.


The silent grandeur of desert.

The Circus survived to make a return to its former grandeur in the eighteenth century.

Grandeur: the quality of being very large and special or beautiful


It's a typical action movie with plenty of spectacular stunt.

Stunt: an exciting dangerous action, that is need to be done by someone skilled.


Don't forget this is a commercial enterprise- we are here to earn money.

It's a government-sponsored enterprise.

Because the oranization is a charitable enterprise it is free from tax worldwide.

Enterprise: an organization especially a business.


Her latest enterprise is to climb Mount Everest.

An important plan, especially one that will earn money.


Joshua Brown helped to popularize the circus in America.

The modern circus is popularly known as the big top.

Popularize, popularity, popularly